Caeruleo 5 is a large gas giant and the fifth planet in the Caeruleo system, 2.14 light-years from Nivenia. It has the interesting property of the "spice winds." Small unicellular organisms (which interestingly have no significant quantities of oxygen in their biology; they use ammonia as their solvent) exist in the atmosphere that produce blue spice as a byproduct of photosynthesis. The blue spice then forms clouds in the 20 MPa region of the atmosphere. Unfortunately, the gravity is extremely high, and extracting this spice has most engineers perplexed.

As such, the Nivenian Empire, which is currently expanding into the Caeruleo system, has tagged Caeruleo 5 as a noteworthy planet that could "make us all rich" but that is currently inaccessible.


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Nivenian History after Dekemurios 32, 20 NE
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