Caeruleo 4 is a planet in the Caeruleo system, 2.14 light-years from Nivenia. Caeruleo 4 is an economically important planet as its core contains high amounts of palladium (>15%), and palladium is extremely useful in chemical reactors for creating plastics, among other things. After Caeruleo 1, Caeruleo 4 remains a good target for Nivenian colonization, and the Nivenian Megastructural Construction Corporation has had their sights on it for a while.

As such, when the second Caeruleo expedition deposited 50 trillion colonists in the Caeruleo System in early 27 NE, several tens of trillions of Nivenians migrated to Caeruleo 4 due to its palladium reserves and gravity. This influx of population and the industry that went along with it is heating the planet dramatically. Caeruleo 4 is the capital planet of the Caeruleo Governmental Holding Corporation, and houses the Caeruleo Governmental Holding Corporation's seat of government. Most habitation takes place inside air-conditioned domes to deal with the outside heat.

Caeruleo 4 has a thin atmosphere mainly composed of water vapor and carbon dioxide, the former of which could potentially be used for terraforming purposes. However, given the huge amounts of resources available on the planet, it could potentially be more profitable to just destroy the planet with its star's light, and harvest its innards afterwards.

Caeruleo 4 is a binary planet, with its moon being the T1 planet Caeruleo 4.1. The two planets are close enough to potentially have a space elevator going between them, with a space station/rotating habitat complex in the middle.


Recently, a decision was made to transform Caeruleo 4 into an Ecumenopolis after some preliminary terraforming. The timeline of the project is shown below:

  • Terraform Caeruleo 4 to Terrascore 1 - Neochios 48, 27 NE to Ianuaria 47, 28 NE
  • Terraform Caeruleo 4 to Terrascore 2 - Ianuaria 48, 27 NE to Martex 47, 28 NE
  • Terraform Caeruleo 4 to Terrascore 3 - Martix 48, 27 NE to Iunius 47, 28 NE
  • Add ten percent of a DIY Ecumenopolis kit 2.0 to the surface of Caeruleo 4 - Iunius 48, 28 NE to Dekemurios 47, 28 NE


To terraform Caeruleo 4, radiators were installed to remove excess waste heat, and the atmosphere was expanded by blasting oxygen and nitrogen out of asteroids and transporting it to the surface.

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