Caeruleo 3.3 is the third moon of the third planet in the Caeruleo System, 2.14 light-years from Nivenia. It is unfortunately made almost entirely of silicate rock. It does not really have any major mineral deposits of value, and is in general boring. It is in fact so boring that more text has been written trying to explain why it is so boring than the sum of all combined knowledge of biotechnology by the Nivenian Empire, which says something quite unpleasant about the state of Nivenian biotechnology.

Due to this, many Nivenian scholars have ridiculed this moon as an unforgivable insult to the Nivenian scientific community, which is currently of the firm opinion that if this moon is going to just sit around insulting them, then it has no point in existing, and must be destroyed.

No one is quite sure of whether or not the Nivenian scientific community ever stopped to consider that most of the material attempting to explain why Caeruleo 3.3 is so boring actually came from the Nivenian scientific community itself.

Other moons of Caeruleo 3 include: