Caeruleo 3 is a gas giant in the Caeruleo System, 2.14 light-years from Nivenia, that has a reasonable gravity level on the surface. Like most gas giants, it contains large amounts of methane in its atmosphere, but there are still much more accessible sources of carbon in the Caeruleo System. The Nivenian Empire, the closest interstellar empire, wants to colonize the space around this planet due to its extensive moon system, with four relatively large moons, one of them rich in metals. However, targets like Caeruleo 1 are still better targets for initial colonization efforts.

The four moons in question are Caeruleo 3.1, Caeruleo 3.2, Caeruleo 3.3, and Caeruleo 3.4.

General Information
Nivenian History after Dekemurios 32, 20 NE
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