Caeruleo 1 is a planet in the Caeruleo System, 2.14 light-years from the Nivenia System. Caeruleo 1 is the primary foothold for industrial colonization of the Caeruleo System by the Nivenian Empire, as it contains huge reserves of easily-accessible iron and aluminum. Although Caeruleo 1 has low gravity, the gravity can be supplemented through the use of parabolic rotating habitats.

Caeruleo 1 also is inside of a large asteroid belt around Caeruleo. This makes it an ideal location to use as a base of operations for mining expeditions to these asteroids.

Caeruleo 1 was the primary target of a current expedition funded by the Megastructural Construction Corporation at high sublight speeds. The expedition arrived in late 24 NE and granted the Megastructural Construction Corporation a permanent foothold in the Caeruleo System, and a very valuable strategic and economic position.

Another high sublight expedition, one that arrived in early 27 NE, deposited twenty trillion Nivenians on Caeruleo 1 , a number which rapidly increased to 23.6 trillion, at which point waste heat concerns became an issue.

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