Bunker Eighty Two is a military outpost of the Legatus Finduilica (and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus) in the Space in Between.



An Imperial Gozanti-class approached Bunker Eighty Two

Bunker Eighty Two was constructed in the early years of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the rise of the Legatus Finduilica in the Finduila Sector. To protect one of the three entrances into the Quadrant Galaxies while travelling from the Cyrannus Galaxy (-and vice versa) using the trade route known as the 'Corridor' it became a tactical area to control. With Rambo Nation placed under the Concordat the Legatus/Empire were free to enforce their rule and constructed various bunkers along the corridor to protect, inspect and spy on civilian and military movements.

Bunker Eighty Two was build on a remote moon and acts as a military listening outpost along the corridor. By 21 AQF the outpost was under command of the Basileus lieutenant Tarcarvor. At 10 may 21 AQF the outpost was inspected by commander Gnackt while on route to Isle Blue and complimented the garrison for its efficiency.


Bunker Eighty Two

Bunker Eighty Two

Bunker Eighty Two was raised somewhere in 06/07 AQF to ensure the Imperial/Legatus dominance over the Corridor and the area known as the Space in Between. One of the more remote outposts it requires re-supply from other Imperial locations and is one of the less prestige positions sought after by Imperial officers due to its remote location. The outpost is constructed in two of the many craters found on the planet, impact from asteroids long ago.

The metal bunkers provide the Imperial/Legatus forces with all they need, sleeping quarters, command centers, mess hall, training rooms, shooting range etc. The base is heavily protected by two shieldgenerators, various quad laser cannons and a single dual turbo laser cannons. In addition it contains a large hangar for ASP Interceptors and ASP IV class starfighters to protect the base in case of attack.

The main sattelite dish is vital for the station to transmit and recieve all kinds of transmission and data. A safeguard has been installed into the dish, if it would ever be destroyed or disabled without Imperial authority Imperial/Legatus Command would be informed within seconds.



  • Bunker Eighty Two is obviously a reference to the number 82 that frequently is referred to in Cyrandia fiction.

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