I saw the Ivory Tower light up with fireworks, wavering at times like a blurry Picasso, colors flowing outwards from bright gold to brown to purple to the blackness of the Bunsen night. It was gorgeous.

- French poet Georgine Montagne, "Bunsen Night"

Bourdelles-de-Bunsen is the capital of French Bunsen. As the center of the Bunsen Cultural Renaissance, it is known as the one of the most culturally active and engaging planets in the French Colonial Empire. It hosts artists, musicians, writers, and other talent from all over the Gigaquadrant and its nightlife is among the most active, with hundreds of events happening nightly all over its two central cities, commonly referred to as the Twin Dragons for their distinctive shapes.

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Anteddicrâne Edit

The largest of Bourdelle-de-Bunsen's island cities, Anteddicrâne is a dense tropical metropolis with warm, humid weather. During the day, its streets are nearly empty and have been often described as oppressively warm most days of the year. The temperature cools at night, however, and the city comes alive with fanfare unlike anywhere else in Bunsen. Tourists and residents of French Bunsen alike flock to the streets of Anteddicrâne to experience its concerts, theatrical productions, nightclubs, religion, and forms of art ranging from the formal in art galleries to the improvised on the street.

The city is also the political capital of French Bunsen and holds its colonial legislature as well as other governmental buildings, though political life is quiet by comparison to the uproar that goes on in the city's streets nightly.

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