B3 is the third planet from the secondary star of the Nivenia System, and has a very similar structure, composition, governance, economy, and colonization style as Nivenia Secondus, just with ~40% fewer Nivenians.

The planet is home to many shipyards on moons in orbit, and is one of the greatest shipyards of the Nivenian Empire. Although the ships are constructed here, the carbon-nanotube-impregnated-titanium (CANI-TI) used to build them is mined and refined on A3. The planet has benn experiencing a boom to its economy recently due to the massive shipbuilding occurring from the construction of a new Nivenian Navy.

Like many of the colder Nivenian planets, B3 has been warmed in recent years due to increases in planetary waste heat.

Recent History[]

On Novemex 26, 21 NE, a large volley of random junk flew in from the interstellar cometary cloud as an attack by the Thadus 0037 Faction, killing 453 trillion and ruining huge amounts of planetary infrastructure. B3 is still recovering from the unfortunate event, and anti-Thadus 0037 sentiment has grown to huge proportions.

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