Auder-2 is an important planet in the Jovar Empire. With a population of over 2 trillion citizens, it is the empire's most populous planet, with over double the population of Jora, the capital of the empire. Like Osion, Auder-2 was terraformed from its original form to a much more habitable form. Because of its massive population, the planet has become a ecumenopolis. Its skyscrapers are at a maximum height of over 3.4 kilometers into the atmosphere. It is also home to a massive military installation, and is where the Jgindi Superweapon was created.


Auder-2, in-game


Auder-2 formed in the Jerruna system about 4.8 billion years ago. Being the closest planet to its home star, a medium-sized yellow dwarf, at a distance of about 60 million miles away. Because of its close proximity, the planet was naturally hot, with an average atmospheric temperature of over 500 degrees. However, like Osion, it was reasonably important to the Jovar, because of its massive hoards of purple spice. Although it had no white spice reserves like Osion, it had nearly triple the purple spice of Osion.

Jovar Terraformation and ColonizationEdit

Having gained much experience with terraforming planets with reasonably high atmospheric temperatures and densities, and with the major success of Osion, the government once again allowed corporations to terraform Auder-2. As expected by scientist, terraformation of Auder-2 was much less diffucult then their previous success, primarily because of its lower temperature and atmosphere density, as well as there being only one, smaller star, as opposed to two blue giants previously encountered.

Because of the milder factors involved with terraforming the planet, the total project took about two years to complete. Within a month, half a billion Jovar citizens moved to the planet.

Industrial City

The industrial regions of Auder-2.

Five years later, the planet had evolved drastically. It was now a complete ecumenopolis, with skyscrapers covering its surface. The purple spice reserves had been completely emptied due to massive mining of the spice, which did not allow the spice to naturally multiply itself. However, new industries had taken over on the planet, including capital ship production and weapons manufacturing.

However, Auder-2 could not grow simply because of these two factors. A third factor was also involved: Auder-2's location on a major trade route. Because it was located in the heart of the largest trade route, billions of Jovar settled on the planet to trade their goods. It was this factor that made the planet's population soar to over 1 trillion inhabitants in a 5 year timespan. Within 20 years, Auder-2's population was now 2 trillion, double the population of Jora.

The Golden AgeEdit

By the time that Jovar III met his eventual wife Salisa on the planet's major diplomatic university, Auder-2 was already more than 100 years old. The ecumenopolis was famed throughout the Empire and galactic arm for its wealth and prosperity, however a major rivalry with the planet Osion, the economic powerhouse of the Milky Way, began to develop. Auder-2, however, simply lacked the raw materials needed to compete with the planet, and as a result the trade route that had allowed the planet to prosper and grow so quickly suddenly shifted, possibly due to Osionese influence.

In his thirties and forties, Jovar III gave up his duties as Omnipotent Captain temporarily, and began a political career on the city-planet. In a few years, the Jovar became the provisional leader and official senator for the planet. Disposing of any remaining tariffs that were now redundant, his plans slowly caused trade and commerce ships to return to Auder-2 with regular frequency. With the annual Joran economic updates that came about that showed the economic power of all planets and colonies, Auder-2 was often able to beat out Jora for the top spot, and perhaps even more importantly Osion, much to the Osionese's dismay. At the conclusion of "Jove's Decade of Prosperity," as it became known on the ecumenopolis, Jovar vested control of the planet to his brother and Chancellor-in-waiting Vromm III, who further increased Auder-2's political and economic relevance.

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