The well known homeworld of the Volver Empire. It is a lush T3 planet and has a long history with the empires of Tyris Major.

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Ascon was created by an overlord known as Xizothano Ada to create an ideal world. The planet was a rare jewel amongst the planets in its system. The other planets could not support life and were poor in spice production.

Life ArrivesEdit

Ada, low on his once unlimited power, was actually unable to create life. He attempted to create creatures using science, but the abominations that resulted survived no longer than a few minutes. Despite Ada's failures, life was delivered to Ascon by the Spoxid who used their Staff of Life. Ada, who hated the Spoxid, showed them only one kindness for their actions by allowing them to survive a few years before their downfall.

The R'thaar RiseEdit

Millions of Years after Ada's disappearance, a people known as the R'thaar dominated the southern continent of Rorikona. (Their technology at the time would have placed them in the 1500's by Earth standards). They had a very prosperous society, though it was mainly militaristic. They were feared by mostly all races on Ascon, most of them bowing down to the R'thaar. Gorga'an, leader of the R'thaar, was known to be an expansionist, taking the territories of other races. Eventually the other races rebelled against the R'thaar, causing the Great War of Ascon. Unfortunately for them, the might of the R'thaar was too much for them to handle, and the rebellious races were eradicated. Gorga'an was even cruel enough to slaughter these races to extinction, ensuring that only the R'thaar could rule Ascon.

The VolverEdit

During the Great War, the northern continent of Volveria was being dominated by a new species. They were suited for the harsh swamps of Ascon, and had adaptations that were perfect for survival. They were stocky, bulky creatures and went by the name of the Volver. This was the result of Ada's creation evolving millions of no years after his disappearance. They lived in complete isolation from the rest of the world and had no clue that there was a civilized race living in Rorikona to the south. They were tribal people, using basic stone tools to hunt, build, and fight. Their peaceful world wold soon come to an end.

The R'thaar ruled Ascon for another hundred years. Gorga'an's explorers discovered that there were two continents to the north of Rorikona. This surprised the people, as they always believed that Rorikona was the only continent on Ascon. Gorga'an set sail for Volveria along with a small army. He set up five colonies along the southern cost and ventured into the swampland with his troops. He later came across a Volver village and interacted with the people. Originally, the Volver welcomed the R'thar with open arms, but that soon changed. For days Solider was seeing a Volver woman. One night he attempted to have his way with her, but she declined. He then tried to force himself on her. He failed,prompting the woman to alert her father. Her father killed the R'thaar with his spear, sparking conflict between the two races. Eventually, Gorga'an declared war on the Volver.

First Ascon Civil WarEdit

The First Ascon Civil War was waged between all three continents, as the Doopies of the continent of Wintasano joined sides with the Volver in an effort to take down the R'thaar. Volver Chief Jorim Ta'raron and his son Holreb Ta'raron led the Volver-Doopy alliance along with King Wallus of the Doopies. Their alliance was weak however. The Volver and Doppies have had racial tensions since their sentience. But they knew the only way to stop the R'thaar's expansionist greed was to team up.

During the battle of Mat'Ada, chief Jorim was slain by Gorga'an. Holreb was enraged by the loss of his father. The Holreb forged a sword made of Alphorium, a strange element that drains the energy from creatures. The Volver had evolved to resist it's effects. Holreb took the blade into battle and managed to capture and destroy the R'thaar colonies along the southern coast.

After a year of war, the tribal warriors of the Volver and Doopies had pushed the R'thaar back to Rorikona. The R'thaar could not understand how the Stone and Stick using Volver could stand up to their guns and tanks. Their tenacity was the R'thaar's downfall. Gorga'an realized that their new chief, Holreb, was using some type of powerful weapon. Holreb's Aphorium Blade became known as their world's most devastating weapon. He witnessed Holreb slice through a tank's armor with one slash from the blade.

During the final battle, Gorga'an engaged Holreb in combat and was slain. After this, the R'thaar Empire fell. The people of this race gradually diminished, not from war, but from depression. Eventually, their species vanished from Ascon, thought to be extict.

Formation of The Volver EmpireEdit

Years after the R'thaar fell, Holreb became King of his new empire, the Volver Empire. High his new power, he dominated the planet. Unfortunately, the Doopies did not receive much from the war but a few acres of land and a place in the history book. After this, the Doopies and Volver drifted apart and did not make contact with each other again.

Biskin EnslavementEdit

For the next couple hundred years, the Volver Empire had made great economic and technological advances. Eventually, the Volver had made contact with newly space faring empires. One of which were the Biskin Empire. Holreb had expected them to share their knowledge with the Volver, but they instead attacked Ascon. The Volver were quickly overpowered and were enslaved. The Biskin managed to haul Off the entire Volver population to their Homeworld of Crobe. Ascon was left vacant for 17 years as the Volver were forced to do manual labor for the tyrannical Biskin.

Volver FreedomEdit

During the 17 years of enslavement, a young Volver by the name of Zirux rose up and sparked a rebellion. He was the son of Holreb and heir to the throne. He led a large campaign on the Biskin and left them crippled by beheading their leader, Nano. After the rebellion's success, Zirux managed to return the Volver population back to Ascon. Luckily the planet had been left untouched by other civilizations.

Ziskin's AssultEdit

Hundreds of years after the rebellion, King Gartoom, son of Zirux, was in command. He was a peaceful ruler and did not focus too much on military might. Unfortunately, Ascon was attacked again by an unknown empire. The Volver barely held them off, forcing Gartoom to reconsider his choice of peace. He came into contact with an engineer named Ziskin, who arrived on Ascon months later. Ziskin was payed to create a weapon that would ensure the Volver's victory. However, Ziskin used the funds to build the weapon and betrayed Gartoom. The weapon was a mech-suit capable of mass destruction. Ziskin was actually the son of King Nano of the Biskin, and ordered his weapon to open fire on the Volver crowds.

The Volver prince, Glynn, arrived with the Volver Knights and was able to the down the mech. Glynn later defeated Ziskin and banished him from Ascon.

War of Tyris MajorEdit

After the Battle of Minera, which occurred around a few years after Ziskin's first Assult, Ascon was attacked by the Biskin and their allies. These allies included the Antroth Empire, Infectant Horde, and the Unitech Citadel of Sentients. The Volver caught bravely against these foes,vault they were severely outnumbered. King Gartoom and his advisor Noruuk were captured and taken hostage. However, prince Glynn, his crew, and allies from the Waptoria Alliance of Species were able to drive the Biskin and their allies away from Ascon, saving the King and his advisor.

After this, the allied forces managed to ally with the Doopies, convincing their leader King Marcus to aid the Volver once more. The brutal Lavatufts and their leader King Lavern joined the fight to rid the galaxy of the Infectants. The Soldarian Empire and Hyperon Mercenaries set aside their differences to help the Volver as well. With a grand allied army, these forces attacked Crobe and were able to defeat the Biskin and Unitch. The Infectants were hunted to extinction and the Antroths surrendered, this ending the war.

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This is map of Ascon's three major continents.

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