Ancora was not the 'promised land', only a shelter. Its loss marks the start of the next phase of our journey.

- High Councilor Brennus Marcellus, 2690 AD


Dawn of the Talven EmpireEdit

Before becoming the capital of the Talven Empire, Ancora was known as Scarat, a refuge for pirates and raiders. By the 21st century, large spaceports and settlements had been built on the planet's surface, defended by a sizable armada in orbit.

In the year 2033, a fleet of Talven ships lead by Admiral Galerius Aquilius stumbled across Scarat. The pirates were unable to damage the massive carrier-ships that supported the rest of the fleet, and decided to retreat and evacuate the planet. Realizing the he had gained control of a resource-rich planet with already-established cities, Aquilius decided to end the 'exile' of the Talven fleet and rebuild the Talven nation.

Renamed as Ancora, the planet became the center of a rising empire. The cities grew to accommodate an expanding population, while space stations were constructed and developed in response to the empire's trade. In 2064, the planet saw the unveiling of the empire's first mobile shipyard to be armed - a Hephaestus-class shipyard christened as the Flame of Ancora. This remained unique for over two centuries - a symbol of the empire's strength.

When the official capital of the empire moved to Iubar in 2103, the Emperor ended the growth of Ancora's cities, in order to protect the planet's vast grasslands from development. The cities were gradually redeveloped into palace-like structures, and Ancora became the center of tourism in the Talven Empire.


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I fear that Ancora is comparable to an unexploded mine. Sooner or later, someone will reach the ship.

- Balbus Marinus

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