Of all places found in this galaxy, this universe, this existence, our most sacred haven will always be the Place of Light

- Translated from The Book of the Eons
Alva-Es'riia, which literally means The Place of Light, was the homeworld and capital of the Raev Imperium, the Obvia'Atra civilization that preceded their current Federation of the Core Worlds. Once located in what is now believed to be the Haethus Arm of Xanthrus Spiral, it was destroyed at the end of the Great War of Light around 14 billion years ago, when the Ravenrii used 'Light' to sacrifice the planet and hopefully trap the Xhodocto within the system. The plan failed and is remembered as a great cause of grief for the Obvia'Atra, as it is thought that if it had succeeded the side of Light would have immediately won the Game of Existence.

Location and Traits[edit | edit source]

The capital city of Alva-Es'riia, set among clouds and crevasses in apparent tribute to Heaven.

The planet is believed to have been at the Beginning of the Haethus Arm, in the Core Worlds sector of the galaxy. It was the only planet in the solar system, Naev'ruii, which contained three blue giant stars, a unique trait in the galaxy. Despite the three stars, the world did not suffer from any opposite gravitational pulls and remained set in space, which meant that it had no seasonal changes, a reason for which some Ravenrii refer to it as the Summer World. The planet had five moons, called Alvia, Riia'thion, Resthia, Tian-tiir'sen and Rastia-Verum, all of which were habitable and orbited Alva at low-speed orbits. The planet was lush and filled with rocky and green crevasses, and according to legends its cities resembled the highest circle of Heaven.

Destruction[edit | edit source]

The destruction of Alva-Es'riia is only recorded in the Book of the Eons, the most expansive historical record of the Ravenrii's past civilization, teh Raev Imperium, which lasted for many quadrillions of years. The event is solely described as their race's 'ultimate sacrifice', as their homeworld was annihilated by their own 'Light' (Now thought to have been a massive explosion of their Essence in order to be able to destroy the 'Darkness', now interpreted as being Kamik'Shi himself in the form of a Xhodocto. Excerpt from The Book of the Eons:

And so, finally the wretched creature, the violation, the accursed spawn of darkest fears was upon us, looking, always looking for the Book. So we realized, whilst the skies faded and darkened and the very earth that was our mother cracked, that the deepest hour was also upon us and the last sacrifice for the good of life is the destruction of this Violation by any means necessary; once again we will stride and unite and bathe him in our purity, once again commit the ultimate sacrifice when our world is consumed by our Light

- The Book of the Aeons
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