Alethena Metru is an ancient city dating back to 79.000 BQF and was a bastion of the famous and holy Atlantica. It stood as their bastion and was one of their greatest cities of its time. However when Artmyris betrayed the Atlantica the city was abandoned and the Atlantica left the place around 50.000 BQF. For millenia the planet was left alone, until its discovery by Rambo Nation.

Upon its subjugation by the Empire, the Imperials removed all modern buildings and presence and returned the site to its original composure. With the rise of the Dinotopian Republic, they turned the place into an archeological site and allowed tourists to visit the place albeit only with a guide.


Alethena Metru was founded in 79.000 BQF by the Atlantica and the place became a vital bastion and port of trade for them. Its spiritual protectors are Indris and Artmyris whose statues can be found within the city. Over time the place grew out to become one of the greatest bastions and places within the Atlantican sphere of influence. Around 50.000 BQF the place was abandoned by the Atlantica and wasn't distrubed for millenia.

The planet, then still located in Quadrant 21 was discovered by Rambo Nation during their exploration and they soon settled down. Soon a saloon, a Serindia bank and an Ivalaë hotel was build just outside the city. The planet was the side of a peace treaty with the Serlgmec and the Cogsangui who both expressed interesst in exploring the planet. During the Torments of Arcaniox-events the planet was relocated to Quadrant 82 and gradually was abandoned by the Ramboidae and by the fall of the Nation in 2819 (21 AQF) by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus all modern traces of the Ramboidae were removed.

With the formation of the Dinotopian Republic in July 2820 the planet once again became a famous archeological site, though the Dinotopian goverment forbade settlers to settle down. Instead the planet was allowed to be visited with tourists under supervisions of guides. Those that were lucky or rich enough could spend a single night in the ancient city to experience the so called "Atlantican Experience".


Alethena Metru

Alethena Metru Archeological Site

Alethena Metru Archeological Site

The Alethena Meteru Archelogical Site features the ancient Atlantica city with its various buildings, guard towers, long bridges and walkways as well as the famous Atlantican bath houses.

Scientists believe the city provided all the luxary the citizens of Alethena Metru required to live in harmony with nature and each other. The ancient Atlantican building style can be found on various other planets throughout the Cyrandia Cluster as well that have Atlantican origins.

The planet is often seen as a prized possesion by the Dinotopians, often at the dismay of other Atlantican followers who believe the place should be free to visit as in the old days of Rambo Nation.


  • Name: Golviatan
  • Type: Grass Scion
  • Found: Alethena Metru
  • Lenght: Between 2 - 5.5 meters in height

The Golviatan Scions are a tree/plant like grass scions and native to Alethena Metru. Large and dangerous, these creatures posses tremendous size and are about the size of a near Epic. Yet when they trust you, they can be very kind and will protect you with all its might.

Golviatan Thea is made using the fallen leaves of the creatures.

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