Acientia Prime is the former homeworld of the Rambo Ancientia and was located in Quadrant 21 before its relocation after the Tormenting Events. Ever since, the Venatioa colonised the planet and after the destruction of Bikasulam the planet became their newfound homeworld and later the capital planet of the Dinotopian Republic.


Acientia Prime, hoemworld of the Rambo Ancientia was a planet in dedication to Horus, one of the Atlantica Gods. Discovered by Rambo Nation during its grand exploration era the Acientia soon joined the Nation and the planet became one of their foremost and strongest positions within Quadrant 21.

Later on in history, in 2799 (01AQF) during the Intergalactic War its native population vanished and the planet was devoid of any live. During the Tormenting Events in 2806 (08AQF) the planet was relocated to Quadrant 82 by the Tormentor as with many planets. As such the Venatioa colonised the planet though with the discovery of the Ancientia Refugees they offered them their homeworld though the natives settled on Aegimi instead.

With the formation of the Dinotopian Republic Acientia Prime became the capital planet and the homeworld of the Venatioa after the destruction of their cities at Bikasulam.


Acientia City

Acientia City

Acientia City is the main settlement on Ancientia Prime, located between cliffs and near the sea the skyscrapers and busy streets are full of live and commerce. Luxurious houses and appartment provide all the comfort the citizens require and need. Various supermarkets and centres sell commerce and goods from all over the Ramboidae territories.

Most notable of the city is its trademark statue of the Atlantican God Horus, once build in honor of the bird like Atlantica it now serves as their greatest tourist attraction and the beacon of hope. The city also houses a small airfield, where shuttles and small spaceships can land. The airfield falls under juristiction of the Dinotopian military that has its headquarters in the city as well.




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