The jewel of the Inner Rim.

- President Apaltar

Achiliquin is a temperate planet located in the Inner Rim of the Cyrannus Galaxy and is known throughout the Cyrandia Cluster for its untouched beauty and enlightened citizenry dedicated to art, culture and understanding. Colonised three hundred years prior to the foundation of the United Republic of Cyrannus, Achiliquin for much of its history was at the core of an independent republic isolated from the political machinations of the Federation of United Worlds giving rise to public opinion on the planet generally swaying toward independence rather than fealty to a central government in the Core Worlds.

The planet joined the United Republic in 38 BNE with the election of a progressive government, bringing the planet fully into the sway of galactic politics. However, a generation later this would have disastrous repercussions for the planet. Upon the onset of the Great Cyrannus War, Achiliquin was one of the worlds which ceded from the Republic to join the Confederacy of Allied Systems. Senator Mioa Buroa of the planet was a notable figure in the early months of the conflict for her attempts to promote peace between the Confederacy and the Republic prior to her assassination by unknown figures seeking to prolong the conflict.

When the war ended with the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Achiliquin became a target for the new Empire which brutally subjugated the peaceful planet as a hotbed of pro-Confederate ideals. After three years of Imperial rule, the planet was willingly ceded to the New Cyrannian Republic making it one of the few worlds in the Inner Rim under the Republic. Achiliquin is currently represented in the New Republic Senate by Amirtae Buroa, the daughter of the late Mioa Buroa.


Early History[]

Achiliquin was colonised in 353 BNE by primarily Libertus colonists travelling from the nearby world of Taracondor during the age of the Federation of United Worlds. The early leaders of the planet created a democratic council based out of the capital of Anchil, in which the governance of the planet and the wider system was carried out. Within a century, Achiliquin was home to a proud republic was consisted of the Achiliquin System and twelve others within thirteen parsecs. The planet remained independent from the Federation of United Worlds during this era, viewing it as an ineffective body with did little other than debate the pressing matters facing the interior of the galaxy.

Despite this independent streak, the planet joined the newly formed United Republic of Cyrannus in 38 BNE during the Presidency of Solon Antillia of Corulus. President Antillia was sure to address the concerns of the Achiliquin Council by ensuring that the Republic had no intention of meddling in purely Achiliquin affairs. Under the Republic, Achiliquin would become known as a tranquil and enlightened world embodying many of the finest aspects of the Republic. However, a generation after the planet joined the Republic, the government of the planet began to grow enamoured with the politics of Chancellor Wulff Dastirius of the Confederacy of Allied Systems leading to Senator Mioa Buroa of the planet leaving the Republic Senate and joining that of the Confederacy. Achiliquin's cessation from the Republic, in addition to that of hundreds of other star systems, was a key factor which led to the Great Cyrannus War.

Great Cyrannus War[]

Achiliquin was contested between the Confederacy of Allied Systems and the United Republic of Cyrannus during the Great Cyrannus War.

Though the planet ceded from the Republic, it was largely anti-war with Senator Mioa Buroa being one of the key figures in the conflict who fought tooth and nail for a peace accord between the Republic and the Confederacy, arguing that the galaxy was large enough for both powers to exist peacefully. In this regard, Buroa worked closely with Republic Senator Sola Naberraé during the early months of the conflict, even travelling to the Quadrant Galaxies to ensure the Rambo Senate that the Confederacy did not desire war. However, Buroa's efforts were ultimately in vain, with the senator being shot down by an assassin's bullet near the end of the war's first year.

Two years later, the planet would come under siege by the Republic Navy in an effort to oust the Confederacy from the Inner Rim. The resulting battle in the space over the planet was devastating on both sides, with the Republic loosing three Venator-class Star Destroyers in an attempt to destroy the Confederate Dreadnought protecting the system. Ultimately, the planet remained in Confederate hands for the duration of the conflict.


After three years of conflict, the Great Cyrannus War came to a close. With it, the Republic and the Confederacy were no more, replaced with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. As with other worlds sympathetic to the Old Confederacy, Achiliquin soon found itself in the cross-hairs of the Imperial military, which began a brutal subjugation of the planet in order to root out those who remained loyal to the ideals of the fallen government. For the next three years, the planet remained under martial law with a fleet of Star Destroyers darkening the skies of the once tranquil planet. However, the rise of the New Cyrannian Republic would herald a new age of peace for the planet. As one of the worlds the Empire deemed worthless, Potentate Tereyn Aeresius agreed to cede control over the planet to the New Republic in a gesture of goodwill between the two powers. The subsequent two years would be largely dominated by rebuilding efforts overseen by the planet's new senator, Amirtae Buroa, the daughter of former Senator Mioa Buroa.

Second Great War[]

The Dark Hand is destroyed by the Republic fleet during the Battle of Achiliquin.

In the aftermath of the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm—the event which sparked the devastating Second Great Cyrannus War—the Achiliquin sector was one of the few in the New Republic which managed to maintain some semblance of order, due to the fact that Senator Buroa survived due to her presence on Aldár in preparation for the Battle of the Ecimaex Wall. The planet thus became an influential supporter of President Apollo, and aided immeasurably in the re-establishment of the Republic Senate on Capricaerón.

In 17 NE, soon after the embarrassing Imperial defeat at the Battle of Cyranduas, the Phaedric Lord Maethoruin launched a massive invasion of Achiliquin, hoping to use it as a jump point for a renewed invasion of the Republic's central territories in Coru Secundus. Brutally subjugating the planet, Maethoruin's forces captured Senator Buroa and the Achiliquin Council, and bombarded large portions of the planet's northern hemisphere, killing over three million people in the ensuing firestorms. However, New Republic forces, led by Commander Corvexa and in collaboration with grandmaster Ryen of the Aldárae Order, managed to form a resistance movement against the Empire, and in the Battle of Whithill Mountain, emerged victorious over Maethoruin's armies. Meanwhile in space, New Republic Fleet Admiral Gialu Kaedar and his armada arrived in the system, and after a deadly fleet engagement, destroyed the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Dark Hand, forcing Admiral Gaius Prentus to retreat.

In the aftermath of the battle, Achiliquin began the long process of rebuilding its ruined infrastructure. The reconstituted Achiliquin Council, reeling from the level of destruction brought down on their peaceful world, began to urge Senator Buroa to take a harder line in the Senate against a potential peace with the Empire.



Amirtae Buroa

  • Name: Amirtae Buroa
  • Species: Libertus
  • Gender: Female
  • Role: Senator of Achiliquin

Amirtae Buroa is a female Libertus who serves as the Senator representing Achiliquin in the New Republic Senate. The daughter of famed Senator Mioa Buroa who championed for peace during the Great Cyrannus war, Amirtae seeks to do her mother proud by following in her footsteps, being one of the most pacifistic senators in the galactic congress on Mou'Cyran. Though she is dismissed by some as overly idealistic, Buroa truly has the interests of the citizens of Achiliquin and the wider Republic at heart.

Reymar Lya'Tren

  • Name: Reymar Lya'Tren
  • Species: Libertus
  • Gender: Male
  • Role: New Republic Naval Officer

Reymar Lya'Tren was a male Libertus who served as a captain in the New Republic Navy, having previously served in the military of the Confederacy of Allied Systems during the Great Cyrannus War. Despite these past loyalties, Lya'Tren caome to respect the ideals of the Republic though remained somewhat sceptical of figures such as Apollo and Willelmus Cretacea, who were key figures in the war against the Confederacy. Captain Lya'Tren commanded the Legacy-class Star Destroyer Bellerophon, which was destroyed during the Battle of Concordian Nebula during the Neraida War. Captain Lya'Tren went down with the ship, buying time for his subordinates to escape.



  • Species: Vogazard
  • Type: Reptile
  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Length: 6 metres

The Vogazard are a race of intelligent lizard-like reptiles native to the tropical regions of Achiliquin, where they primarily hunt the larger species of fish found along the planet's waterways. Although the natives of Achiliquin generally have positive views about the Vogazard - viewing them as loyal and peaceful creatures - they often make the mistake of being ignorant of their highly territorial nature while protecting their nests from predators. Nevertheless, the Vogazard are common pets in ranches across the planet.



Achili during the winter of 05 NE.

  • Name: Achili
  • Location: Achiliquin's largest island continent
  • Established: 351 BNE
  • Population: 28,500,000

Achili is the largest city and the official capital of Achiliquin. Nestled on an island on a lake in the middle of the Whithil Mountains, Achili is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful cities of the Inner Rim as well as an important galactic centre of trade, arts and commerse. Like all cities on the planet Achili was built at one with nature, with the city's spires being built around massive trees which were already the size of star cruisers when the First Republic fell. As the capital of the planet, Achili is home to the Council of Achiliquin as well as the office of the Republic Senator, a position currently held by young Senator Baloa.


It is with a heavy heart that the Council of Achiliquin has made this decision. But enough if enough. The Republic has become the very thing it swore to fight, an ineffective and warmongering hulk with no concern for the common good. For that reason, Achiliquin has decided to cede from the Republic and join the Confederacy of Allied Systems. But take heed, neither I or my people desire war. I will work to ensure that despite our new allegiance, peace in the galaxy can be maintained.

- Senator Mioa Buroa in an address to the Senate of the United Republic of Cyrannus one month prior to the outbreak of the Great Cyrannus War, 04 BNE



  • Achiliquin was first created as an adventure in 2011 for the Great Cyrannus War, though it did not receive any information on the wiki until 2015.

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