The only large moon of the sixth planet of the primary of the Nivenia System, A6.1 has the advantages of being hot and reasonably large. As such, it is heavily urbanized, though not in the conventional manner. A6.1's cities are O'Neill cylinders distorted into spinning circular paraboloids to provide the illusion of gravity to those inside. These are sealed within vacuum chambers to reduce friction while spinning. Its proximity to Nivenia Prime makes it very valuable as a defense point for the Nivenian Empire.

A6.1 also acts as the intermediary between the Nivenian Empire and the A6 planet swarm, and as such is very important politically.

A6.1 is one of the wealthier planets in the Nivenia System, focusing mainly on industrial manufacture of equipment and consumer goods. However, A6.1 does have underground deposits of a mineral shown to be extra-concentrated pink spice. This valuable spice is bought by the rest of the Nivenian Empire, and is one of the moon's signature items, but the export of the spice is only a small portion of the moon's prosperity.

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