The third planet orbiting the primary of the Nivenia System and a minor colony of the Nivenian Empire, A3 is as rich in titanium as A2 is in iron. With rotating habitats built in much the same way as A2, the planet receives way less sunlight, leading to a lower population density. Like A2 and the other non-"habitable five" planets, A3 enjoys more recent and efficient architecture, mainly built after the colonization of the "habitable five." A3's economy, although dominated by the mining on A2, is still vibrant due to the roles the planet plays in alloy manufacture and beaming.

The carbon-nanotube-impregnated titanium (CANI-TI) used in the design of the Nivenian Defensive forces is mainly produced here before being shipped to B3 for construction. The planet is also home to the "ultimate reflector," ultimate in the sense that it is the last reflector in the partial Nicoll-Dyson beam used to launch probes to other systems. As such, it is a hub of astronomy.

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