A2 is the second planet from the primary of the Nivenia System and a planet colonized by the Nivenian Empire and mainly used for mining iron, gold, and fissionables due to its high density, high temperatures, and proximity to the accretion disc of the primary of the system. Due to its low gravity and high amounts of sunlight, most of the population lives in underground rotating habitats with radiators on top, making it very densely populated. However, the planet is quite small, so its population is still below the conventionally colonized worlds. It also acts as an inner system spaceport of the industry of Nivenia Prime, and control tower for machinery and stations near the primary. A2 is also a hub of manufacturing, specializing in heavy machinery and industrial equipment.

A2 is also a home for the very wealthy, as its low gravity allows for the construction of rotating sky cities over ten kilometers from the surface of the planet. The architecture on A2 is noticeably different than the architecture on Nivenia Prime, A11, A12, A12.1, or B4, since the initial phase of their urbanization (which determined the roads and districts) were more than a hundred years before A2 was colonized. Thus, planets, moons, and asteroids that are not part of the "habitable five" have a very different architectural style, due not only to their later colonization, but also to their unique conditions of lower gravity.

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