The binary moon of the twelfth planet of the primary of the Nivenia System, A12.1, is a heavily urbanized planet in the Nivenian Empire specializing in mining and extracting aluminum ore.

A member of the A12-A12.1 binary planet system, a carbon nanotube tether connects the two planets, allowing for a huge station at the canter of mass and space elevators going to both planets.

A12.1 has the highest population density of any conventionally inhabited planet in the Nivenian Empire, save Nivenia Prime.

Economy Edit

A12.1's economy is mainly based on its aluminum exports, which are imported by the Megastructural Construction Corporation, as aluminum is a key component of the ringworld building material that they use. A12.1 and A12 have very close economic ties, as there is a space elevator going between the two planets.

Food is the main import, along with the typical electronics and shields imported from Nivenia Prime by all, as A12.1 contains very little in the way of the ices needed.
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