The binary moon of the twelfth planet of the primary of the Nivenia System, A12.1, is a heavily urbanized planet in the Nivenian Empire specializing in mining and extracting aluminum ore.

A member of the A12-A12.1 binary planet system, a carbon nanotube tether connects the two planets, allowing for a huge station at the center of mass and space elevators going to both planets.

A12.1 has the highest population density of any conventionally inhabited planet in the Nivenian Empire, save Nivenia Prime.


A12.1's economy is mainly based on its aluminum exports, which are imported by the Megastructural Construction Corporation, as aluminum is a key component of the ringworld building material that they use. A12.1 and A12 have very close economic ties, as there is a space elevator going between the two planets.

Food is the main import, along with the typical electronics and shields imported from Nivenia Prime by all, as A12.1 contains very little in the way of the ices needed.

A12.1 has a much more regimented society than Nivenia Prime, as pretty much the entire planet is run by the Megastructural Construction Corporation, with the regional government taking a backseat role in its legislature. This has lead to massive mining operations under the megacity, massive smelting operations within the megacity, and buildings that all have exactly the same 80-meter-by-80-meter land profile, and are constructed out of pre-fabricated rectangular-prismatic rooms bolted together.

The Megastructural Construction Corporation controls every aspect of life on A12.1, with social status being measured in how the size of your apartment - 0.5U is the smallest, with barely 25 m^2 of surface area, while some high-level managers have 50U penthouse apartments. Similarly indicative of status are which grade of transit ticket is affordable to an individual, whether they have a personal bathroom, whether they can hire contract staff from - you guessed it - the Megastructural Construction Corporation and its subsidiaries for domestic work, and so on.

A12.1 is notable for having the lowest crime rate in Nivenian Space by a factor of ten due to its strictly regimented nature, with only one in four million having reported any sort of crime occurring to them in the last year as of 30 NE.


Recently, a decision was made to transform A12.1 into an Ecumenopolis after some preliminary terraforming. The timeline of the project is shown below:

  • Terraform Nivenia A12.1 to Terrascore 2 - Novemex 42, 25 NE to Dekemurios 41, 25 NE
  • Terraform Nivenia A12.1 to Terrascore 3 - Dekemurios 42, 25 NE to Neochios 41, 25 NE
  • Add first DIY Ecumenopolis kit 2.0 to the surface of Nivenia A12.1 - Neochios 42, 25 NE to Ianuaria 41, 27 NE
  • Add second DIY Ecumenopolis kit 2.0 to the surface of Nivenia A12.1 - Ianuaria 42, 27 NE to Ianuaria 41, 28 NE
  • Add third DIY Ecumenopolis kit 2.0 to the surface of Nivenia A12.1 - Ianuaria 42, 28 NE to Novemex 41, 29 NE

After the project was complete, Nivenia A12.1 increased the intensity of its mining a hundredfold, with the intent to extrect all non-silicate substances form the planet, and then transition most of its economy from mining to industrial mass-production.


To help with the terraforming of A12.1, an artificial sun with an apparent temperature of 7200 K has been added at the center of mass of the A12.1-A12 system. To maximize efficiency in providing lighting to the surface, this artificial sun has a parabolic Mylar reflector around it, and is made of LEDs emitting wavelengths optimized for Nivenian eyes. The atmosphere has been greatly enlarged, and the first DIY Ecumenopolis is currently being installed.


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