The eleventh planet of the primary of the Nivenian System, A11, is currently a mining colony for the Nivenian Empire. Subsurface oceans contain a high concentration of ammonia, so a large portion of the fixed nitrogen in the Nivenian Empire is mined here. The planet was terraformed partially through a combination of waste heat warming up the planet and ammonia boiling to increase the pressure. While the atmosphere is still quite toxic, it is more or less the right temperature and pressure, so no one really cares since all of the cities are domed anyway.

A11 has a high population, mainly living in huge cities and commuting to mining stations that extract ammonia from the atmosphere and subsurface oceans. Cities of vast proportions cover several percent of the planet, reaching several kilometers high.

A11 is also interesting since it is where most of the diplomatic matters of the Nivenian Empire take place. The trade agreement made immediately after first contact with the New Cyrannian Republic happened in the Colonial province of A11, and the Republic now has an embassy on the planet.

Economy Edit

A11 relies on chemical industries and exports of fixed nitrogen and polymers for its income, and imports more complex things such as electronics and fusion generator components from Nivenia Prime.

Provinces Edit

The Colonial Province Edit

Statistics Edit

  • Population - 452,893 Million
  • Jobs - 137,838 Million
  • Area - 2,000,000 km^2
  • Population Density - High, one of the most densely urbanized areas on the planet
  • Location - Near the equator
  • Terrain - Icy plains

The Colonial province, mainly a huge city, is where the planetary seat of power is. An oligarchicly elected planetary coordinator controls the workings of the planet from here with an extensive bureaucracy in a monolithic building similar to the one on Nivenia Prime (just much, much smaller, at 50 km x 50 km x 5 km high). The Colonial province also contains many chemical plants, refineries, and research institutions. The urban portions of the Colonial province typically consist of two to five kilometer skyscrapers packed closely into city blocks. Ammonia coolant connected to subsurface radiators prevent the city from overheating or melting the ice below it.

The New Cyrannian Republic Embassy Edit

Statistics Edit

  • Population - 16,782,903 (12,342,014 from the New Cyrannian Republic)
  • Jobs - 19,082,483 Million
  • Area - 200 km^2
  • Population Density - High, as this is an urbanized small area
  • Location - Embedded in the outskirts of the Colonial Province
  • Terrain - Icy plains, metal floor, plexiglass dome

The New Cyrannian Republic Embassy is the main diplomatic channel between the Nivenian Empire and the New Cyrannian Republic. In essence, it functions as a small piece of the Republic inside of Nivenian territory. The Embassy closely resembles the Republic on the inside, having a different architectural style than normal Nivenian buildings, to provide the ambassadors, staff, and guard with comfortable and familiar surroundings. Many of the wealthier Nivenians also frequently visit the Embassy to purchase Republic-made products.

History Edit

For the history of A11, and the Nivenian Empire at large, please refer to this page for a comprehensive history.

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