A10 is the tenth planet of the primary of the Nivenia System and part of the A10-A10.1 double planet and a colonial province of the Nivenian Empire. Like A12-A12.1, the A10-A10.1 double planet system has a tether connecting the two planets since they are tidally locked, and a station in the central point of the tether used for spaceflight.

A10 is a lot like A11 in its composition, and is also used for fixed nitrogen acquisition, but has nowhere near the right gravity for Nivenians, and consequentially has circular paraboloidal pseudo-O'Neill cylinders on its surface to provide extra spin gravity to its inhabitants. These must be mounted inside air-tight compartments as the atmosphere of the planet would cause friction otherwise.

Limited vegetation exists, mostly limited to fungi and bacteria.

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Nivenian History after Dekemurios 32, 20 NE
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