34 Confectus c is the name of one of the oddest “planets”, if it can be called such, discovered in Mirus. It was first discovered by the Vogik Directorate in December 24th, 2814, found during one of the Directorate’s routine scouts of the galactic space near their growing territory. Even though the Vogik have a presence on the planet, they will freely allow any civilization to interact with the planet.


There have been numerous propositions as to why Confectus exists. Some believe that an ancient and highly advanced race created the planet to make an easy and infinite source of sweets for their uplifted and children races. Others believe Confectus naturally formed in another universe with different laws to our own, and was somehow transported to Mirus. A select few even believe that Confectus is a demon from Inferno, a demon of gluttony that was weakened and is now in slumber. Although these theories are laughed at and dismissed.


The planet takes the form of a gigantic circular jawbreaker candy with an 8.5k mile diameter, a tannish wafer-like crust, and a brown, thick, atmosphere that resembles gaseous maple syrup. The seas of Confectus are composed of mostly liquid fudge, and the “trees” of Confectus imitate gigantic lollipops of varying “flavors”. The grass is made up of what resembles multicolored twizzler sticks, and the shrub equivalent of flora are large gumdrops. What is most surprising of all, however, is that life has a presence on the planet, and seems to have evolved on it as well. These “Confectans” have a widely varied appearance, and tend to imitate the sweets of sentient races - especially humans. A race of sentient gingerbread men have completely dominated the planet, but their civilization mostly resembles a tribal society throughout the planet, living in gigantic gumdrops. Studies made by the Vogik show that they are fearful of whatever does not originate from their planet - likely due to the sheer difference between normal life and life on Confectus.

Anything taken from Confectus seems to spontaneously regenerate, keeping the planet in perfect condition. While this process seems to be random, anything taken from the planet will regenerate at its original spot within 3 days. Even large chunks blown off will spontaneously regenerate, albeit away from eyesight. The Vogik Directorate has established a presence on the planet, researching the life there and studying how the life on Confectus manages to exist, and how Confectus exists at all. The Vogik are also exploiting the planet for its natural resources, as the sweets of the planet seem to be much sweeter than their Human counterparts, and etc. The Vogik have come under resistance from the natives, however - not to mention that the sweets of the planet have proven to be extremely addictive to those on the planet. Vogik stationed there tend to become obese from overeating the sweets and ultimately killing themselves from cardiac arrest.


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This planet was a rare find. And I'm certainly damn grateful for finding it, even though successful results on our testing of the planet only come up rarely.

- Director Phur'an
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