Pirate fleet

A pirate fleet

A pirate is type of spaceship that may sometimes fly into the colonies and either attack colony buildings, steal their spice, or even attempt to steal artifacts left on the surface (this tends to happen when a spice raid comes across an artifact). The pirates will often come in groups of spaceships. There will be up to five smaller gunner ships that have 50 health and a mother ship that has 250 health. Pirates may also fake a rare signal, although the signal only appears when a player mouses over a planet. Warriors have consequence ability named Raider Rally, that will summon pirates on a planet.

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  • Pirates have the Knight's special ability (Summon Mini-U), although it is not used often.
  • The types of spaceship that Pirates use are different between different saved games and different regions of the Galaxy, with no pattern between them.
  • When an empire's last planet is conquered, any of that empire's ships become pirates. The ships will retain their original trail color rather than the pirate's normal grey trial. When the player hovers their cursor over one of these ships, a display will appear that shows the ship to be "Pirate", with a yellow neutral face. This suggest that destroyed empires become pirates.
  • If the player destroys an empire while under attack by the same empire, the attack fleet will become pirates and attempt to loot spice from the planet. After the pirates leave, a message will appear with a checkmark image, but the text will warn of pirates raiding your spice.
  • Occasionally, when you are ambushed by pirates, they will leave the planet without firing a single shot. It is more likely that a glitch in the programming causes this error, as it can happen when the player changes direction in the atmosphere.
  • If you destroy the bigger Pirate ship the mini U's won't be destroyed.
  • Rarely, a pirate ship can be seen using a small healing kit.