A creature holding a stick.

A Pickup object is a type of object that is found in the Creature Stage which can be picked up with graspers. They can be thrown at other creatures, including Rogue and Epic creatures, or dropped in other places to decorate nests.



Sticks are used mainly for comedic effect, though they don't hurt creatures. When a stick lands on a target, they will hop, shake their head, and a speech bubble reading "@#$%!" will appear. However, this does not affect the relationship with the species.


Shells can stun a creature temporarily (a bit longer than a Level 5 Charge). Usually, they appear in shores. They also seem to be more effective barriers around nests.


Just like shells, Rocks can stun a creature but for a longer period of time.Source needed They always appear near some natural landmarks.

Trivia Edit

  • If the player clicks on their creature while holding one of these objects, they will hit themselves on the head with it, although they don't effect the creature in any way.
  • When in social stance and holding an object, clicking on another creature will cause the player's creature to present the object to the other creature as a gift. Despite the tendency of gifts in other parts of the game, this does not improve the player's creature relationship with the other creature. When presented with a gift, the creature will place it near their nest as decoration. However, the player can only give a gift if the other creature has graspers.
  • If the creature doesn't have graspers, it cannot pick up objects in the Creature Stage, but in later stages (including Spore Galactic Adventures) it will use its mouth.

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