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Pets in their pen.

Pets are domesticated creatures that appear in the Tribal Stage.

Pets live in a pen behind the tribe's hut, where they lay eggs that can be collected by tribe members from a crate and eaten by creatures of any diets. Pets can also help to defend the tribe against nearby threats, such as by killing members of hostile tribes who are attacking them. However, pets cannot heal themselves after being damaged, instead requiring a shaman to heal them.

Normally, a tribe can only have three pets. These can be domesticated during the Tribal Stage at a cost of 15 food, or retained from creatures in the player's pack at the end of the Creature Stage. The latter provides a way around the maximum, as by using Summon Flock immediately prior to evolving, the summoned creatures will all be pets in addition to any pack members that are also present.


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A tribe member (left) domesticating a wild creature (right).

In order to domesticate a wild creature, the player must have at least 15 food. Then they must find any wild creature on land, set the tribe to social stance and right click on the creature. A tribe member will then approach the creature with a bone-shaped treat in its hand and give it to the creature. As long as its species is not hostile towards the tribe, and the tribe does not already have three pets or another a pet of the same species, it will accept the treat. The tribe member will then lead the creature to the pen. During this time, it is at risk of being attacked by hostile carnivore or omnivore tribes, but if it makes it to the pen, then the creature will become a pet.

Once the treat is accepted, the rest of the creature's species will be allied to the tribe. This relationship will be lost if the tribe members attack the pet, and once the pet is killed then the species will be scared of tribe members. However, as long as the relationship does not become hostile, the species can be domesticated again.

Hints Edit

  • Pets can provide a practically unlimited food source for their tribe. Three pets can lay one platter of eggs every 30 seconds, and when the egg bin is full, it can contain over 500 food.
  • Allying with three Rogue creatures prior to the end of the Creature Stage will provide the tribe with three powerful pets with 250 health, strong enough to fend for themselves for a long time without a shaman to heal them.
  • Spaceships often arrive during the Tribal Stage, and may abduct pets. This can be prevented, because the spaceship will always fly around where the camera is pointed, so by keeping the camera pointed away from the tribe for the duration of its presence (about a minute), it will only abduct wild animals.

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