Tips and Tricks[edit | edit source]

  • To earn the Pathological Cheater achievement, use cheats 50 times. This achievement can be slightly finicky. Loading a space stage save game, cheating, and then quitting without saving 50 times will earn the achievement. However, starting a new space stage game, cheating, and quitting without saving doesn't work.
  • If the game has been affected by the cheating glitch, the achievement can only be obtained if none of the save games have the Joker badge. If a save has this badge, it must be deleted to earn the Pathological Cheater achievement.
  • See the Cheats page for complete list of Joker-Badgeable cheats.
  • Using the "addDNA" cheat 50 times also works, and it doesn't affect a Space Stage game, however it can give you the Joker Badge.
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