Tips and Tricks[]

  • To earn the Pathological Cheater achievement, use cheats 50 times. This achievement can be slightly finicky. Loading a space stage save game, cheating, and then quitting without saving 50 times will earn the achievement. However, starting a new space stage game, cheating, and quitting without saving doesn't work.
  • If the game has been affected by the cheating glitch, the achievement can only be obtained if none of the save games have the Joker badge. If a save has this badge, it must be deleted to earn the Pathological Cheater achievement.
  • See the Cheats page for complete list of Joker-Badgeable cheats.
  • Using the "addDNA" cheat 50 times also works, and it doesn't affect a Space Stage game, however it can give you the Joker Badge.
  • You cannot just spam the cheat 50 times in a row in the cheat window. You must enter the cheat once in a game and then exit to the main menu or exit the game. Open the save again, enter the cheat and repeat 50 times.
  • Opening a save in space stage, opening the cheat window and entering the moremoney cheat (this will give you the Joker Badge so be careful!), exiting to main menu without saving and repeating the process 50 times is a fast and easy way to get the achievement.