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Patch 1.06 was released on 4th January 2010. It can only be obtained through registering a code found on the bottle cap of a Dr. Pepper soft drink here and at SimPrograms. Patch 1.06 was a patch made by the Dr. Pepper company. It contains 14 new mech parts.

Problems Edit

  • Installing Galactic Adventures after the parts pack (and this patch) breaks the game in a number of ways. Installing Galactic Adventures first, then the parts pack, will prevent these issues
    • Note: The help page says this about the "support" status
"Actually, the Parts Pack is fully supported. However, a specific installation of the pack is not supported.
To clarify, the following installation is supported:
Spore > (Creepy & Cute if you have it, its not needed) > Galactic Adventures > Parts Pack
The following installation is not supported:
Spore > Parts Pack > Galactic Adventures"
  • With the SimPrograms download, sharing functions will not work correctly. (i.e.; little "locked" symbols in the corner of the Sporepedia card, possible messed-up backgrounds)
  • When using asymmetry, you cannot remove one entire Mech Limb from one side, however, you can remove the limb in question's segments individually using CTRL. This allows "severed/replaced arm" effect.
  • You will not get the Sing ability through putting these mouths on. You can create a creature with no social attributes this way. This also causes the game to crash if you try to add a member of your own species to your pack on Creatures Stage, because they cannot respond, but not always.

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