Patch 1.05 is a patch for Spore. It was released on July 22, 2009.


Patch notes[]

(Source: http://www.spore.com/patch)

To get the patch, simply launch Spore. PC players will need to have EADM installed.

If you didn't install the EADM when you installed Spore, you can download it here. This patch is available for both PC and Mac.

Spore Improvements[]

  • Asymmetry is now available for creatures! Details on new Asymmetry features for Creatures and Vehicles can be found here.
  • This patch fixes several crashes in Space Game.
  • Many tuning improvements to Space Game, including reduced disaster rates at all levels of difficulty, adjustments to Hard Mode, increased limits on concurrent trade routes, as well as changes to tool unlocks for the Knights.
  • Creator Lineage appears correctly for all creation types shared after this patch is installed.
  • Cheat is included that permits Creators to export creatures in Collada format for use in Maya. Creators must acknowledge and accept a Tools EULA to perform this operation. An additional cheat has been provided to enable highest quality textures to appear on vehicles, where it is supported by user hardware.
  • Fixed a problem where creations would go missing if a user quits the game in any way while downloads are in progress.
  • Fixed a bug where achievements were disappearing.
  • Fixed a bug where some Sporepedia cards had corrupted backgrounds.
  • Fixed a problem in Space where some Grox planets were unreachable.
  • YouTube movies now publish as public
  • Improves Strike ability functionality. If a strike part is placed at the end of a creature's tail, they will whip around instead of just flapping the part. Also, if a Strike part is placed on the head or "under" the mouth part (between the mouth and the head), the creature will head-butt instead of flapping the part.

Galactic Adventures Improvements[]

  • This patch must be installed again after installing Galactic Adventures, even if you have installed this patch previously.
  • You can now place the avatar, NPCs, and handheld objects on top of air, land, and sea vehicles in the Adventure Creator. Get more info here.
  • Improvements are made to the Adventure Creator, including right-click camera behavior, and User Interface enhancements.
  • Fixed a problem with gates where open gates were getting the incorrect physics hull.
  • Some customer-reported crashes in Galactic Adventures have been fixed.


  • Buildings that were placed over water in adventures made prior to this patch will lose any tilting given to them. This can make some adventures unplayable.
  • Certain graphics ratios will cause the game to crash when placing a part on a creation. This is more likely for asymmetric parts.
  • When typing in the cheat setconsequencetrait in the main menu the game will crash.
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