A pack

An example pack.

Pack is a mechanic in Spore which allows player to add the group of creatures in their pack, including, but is not limited to player's own species. This specific feature is only present in the Creature Stage. The members of player's pack will follow and help to kill or socialize with other creatures. It can hold up to 3 pack members. In order to add a creature to your pack, the creature must be an ally or of the same species as your own. Player must then socialize with this creature and it'll join your pack as long the pack doesn't already hold the maximum number of pack members.

Reference to pack in other stages Edit

Tribal Stage Edit

The pack feature is replaced with Tribe, and shows player's tribe members as well as information on them about how much health is left as well how much hunger left of the Hunger Bar. Player can give the tribe members command to kill, destroy, collect, heal, fish, and etc. Any creatures of different species that were previously in your pack will serve as pets.

Civilization Stage Edit

Instead controlling tribe members, player is under control with vehicles, player can obtain up to 36 vehicles to give command in order to capture, trade, conquer the nations, depending on what type of player's nation is and bought an vehicle, economic vehicles' purpose is to trade with nations, military vehicles' purpose is to destroy buildings to capture the nation's city, or epic creatures, and religion vehicles' purpose is to convert the cities, and turrets especially epic creatures from attacking vehicles.

Space Stage Edit

Ships are called allies, it holds up to 5 allies, they are used to help from hostile ships. If the ally's ship have been destroyed, it'll will damages empire's relationship.

If Galactic Adventures have been installed, the Crew feature can be used on missions which include crew system. This can be your own species, or the species of your allied ships. Creatures in the adventure can be added to the Crew.