Darkspore BioBoss

Wraith being surrounded by a cloud of disease spewed from Orcus.

Orcus is the Bio boss for Verdanth in the game Darkspore. He is encountered in level 4-1 in the beta. He spawns small Bio minions and can consume them for a health regain. He can also spew diseased gas and summon a large cirlce of thorns to surround you and damage you greatly.

Lore Edit

Biogenetic specialist Orcus had been fascinated by how prions, viruses and bacteria functioned to conquer and destroy life. He argued that such destructive entities were microcosmic examples of all the greatest military minds of galactic history. He claimed even that such entities possessed a fundamental, aggressive consciousness that, if decoded, would serve as the natural model for universal progress.

Despite being the galaxy's leading forensic mind, Orcus found himself laughingly dismissed for his theory of "Biomolecular Ascendance." Determined to redeem himself, Orcus planned a series of experiments on Verdanth's intelligent races. Denied permission for the scheme that would have caused the deaths of millions, Orcus chose an even more extreme path. Believing he could commune directly with the theoretical consciousness of biomolecular aggression, Orcus asked Crogenitor Xylan to transfect his brain so he could communicate in what he called "genetic language."

No one knows whether Orcus achieved his goal. But he gained a host of terrifying powers he unleashed during the Mutation Wars. Chief among those powers is the ability to contain and expel pathogens in a "breath of death." Yet even with such lethal capacities, in physical combat, Orcus is a nearly matchless engine of destruction.