The Omnivore card awarded to species.

"Omnivorous cells eat any type of food available."

Omnivore Consequence Abilities[]

Creature stage

Summon Flock: "Use this ability to summon a flock of minions to help you socialize or fight."

Tribal stage

Flying Fish: "This ability allows the chieftain to summon a serpent to scare fish from the sea."
"Omnivore also makes the Throwing spear weapon the default weapon in Tribal stage"
"Omnivore also makes the Wooden horn instrument the default instrument in Tribal stage"

Civilization stage

Static Bomb: "This ability temporarily immobilizes buildings, turrets and vehicles."

Space stage

Gentle Generalist: "This ability gives you a discount on all standard equipment"

Gaining The Omnivore Trait

The Omnivore trait is given to cells which balance eating plant with eating meat or killing other cells. Cells don't necessarily need the Omnivore mouth to be an Omnivore, they can switch in and out of the Carnivore mouth and Herbivore mouth. The simplest way is to start as an herbivore and watch your DNA bar, when it reaches the halfway mark, switch to carnivore for the rest of the cell stage. You can even have both Herbivore and Carnivore mouth at the same time. The result is based on how many DNA points you receive from eating plants/meat, not from the actual number.

Personality of Omnivore Creatures

Omnivores can be neutral, territorial, or curious. Sometimes they may not want you in their territory and threaten you, other times they will not care, or they will want to interact with you.