Oh the Humanity! is a Space Stage achievement present in Spore. It is earned for eradicating the Earth with a Planet Buster ammunition.

Tips and Tricks[]

  • To destroy the Earth, buy a Planet Buster either at home empire for §5,000,000, or with cheaper price at warrior empire for §2,500,000.


  • Planet Buster can be bought if the Conqueror 5 or Colonist 5 badges are earned.
  • If the Earth is destroyed, this will also break the Galactic Code.
  • Save before destroying the planet, then quit and reload (without saving of course), and the achievement will still count and the Earth will still be there.
  • With separate mod Grox Arcechtype 2018, and play as Knight (mod has replaced) and get free Planet Buster without breaking the Galactic Code.


  • If the Earth has been destroyed, the Moon will also be destroyed.
  • The posture of the human in the achievement icon resembles "The Scream", an 1893 painting by Edvard Munch.