Nosey is a Maxis-made cell, appearing in the Cell Stage. It is the first cell you meet with proboscis in the game. They appear in Level 3 as predator-sized cells.

Noseys are docile cells. In easier difficulties, it is very unlikely that a Nosey will attack you. They are also the fastest cells in Level 3 of the Cell Stage.

They are one of the most dangerous cells you will meet, due to their speed and ability to quickly dash from different directions onto your screen and attack you. If you are going to kill a Nosey you should try to lure it into a cluttered area and take advantage of its slow turning speed. If you are going for the Pacifist achievement but also want the mouth, just let another predatory cell kill one.

Acquiring a Proboscis from a Nosey Edit

The Nosey is one of the only two creatures that can give you an omnivore mouth in the Cell Stage. It is hard to acquire the Proboscis however due to their speed - an easy tactic if you don't have great speed is:

Word of warning...

Make sure you have the Jet already otherwise your hard-found kill on a Nosey will result in you acquiring the jet instead of the Proboscis.

1) Find a Nosey eating from a large plant...

2) Attack it from behind and try to push it in-between the petals of a plant

3) Continue attacking.

Abilities that can be harvested from this creatureEdit


  • Nosey also has secret earlier jets that were not available in the final game but can still be accesed in the hidden cell editor.
  • A glitch is that if you kill it when it's a predator cell when you don't have the proboscis and jet, you will get the jet. Then evolve and attack it again with spikes. it should explode into meat pieces and you can get the proboscis too.
  • Nosey says "ow!" or "dangit!" when you attack it. Paa and Maa both say "ow!" when they are attacked. Squiggly vaguely screams like a little girl when you attack it. Also, Bloato (from level 5) makes a loud gulping sound when eating a creature. They are two of the many cells in Spore that appear to speak like humans.

A possible reason for this is that Bloato and Nosey are both omnivorous creatures and therefore have the same eating trait card as humans. This is unconfirmed speculation though.

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