A nest in creature Stage.

Nests are areas in the Creature Stage where creatures may be found. The player starts with one nest and it able to gain more nests by defeating other creatures to claim their nests, or possibly by becoming friends with those creatures.


  • The player is able to heal themselves at their nests.
  • The player mates at nests. This is also where their eggs may be found.
  • Nests may be claimed by other creatures.
  • They may be decorated with Pickup Objects.
  • Eggs can be found at nests and if they're not your own they can be eaten for health, nutrition and a 25 point DNA reward, however doing so will make that type of creature permanently hostile.
  • Other species are mostly found at nests but some may be wandering or attacking other nests.
  • If it's your own and the one in use (Not ones that have been abandoned by migration.) it is almost always a safe place from everything but rogues.
  • The player is able to add your own species to the pack at your nest.


Migration is a small mission where your creature must migrate to an unclaimed, new nest. When completed, It awards 50 DNA Points, and the nest expands. Migration occurs when your creature has earned enough DNA Points to migrate. The player must follow the path on the Map to find their new nest. The player must migrate a total of three times through the Creature stage, but if the player follows the path to a different nest, they may find a mate there and, after breeding, use that nest as their home. The nest location does not change when entering the tribal stage, so it may be worth the time to find a nest near the water to take advantage of fishing, and later, water vehicles.There is also still creatures that belong to your creatures race still living in the abandon nest. It is possible to never migrate by not mating or dying after you get space for your first pack member.

NPC NestsEdit

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A creature at its nesting area

If you find a nest of your creature that is not your current nest, you can claim it as your new home, meaning you get reborn there and mate there. Oddly enough, when you first encounter it, there's already a mate for you there. If you ally with a species, you can heal at its nest. You can also heal at the nests of extinct species.


  • There is a glitch where your home nest will spawn in water at the beginning of creature stage. You will be unable to play, because when you try to go on land, you will be eaten by the large creature that normally would eat you when you went too far into the ocean.