Spore 2009-01-29 15-44-21

Emission nebulae, with a greenish reflection nebula

Nebulae are background graphic features in the Spore Galaxy.



Spore 2009-09-12 14-53-54

A dark nebula, in the distance

Nebula vary in colors, usually being a shade of teal, or a red/pink color. Nebulae cannot be found on low graphics settings and cannot be visited. Nebulae appear to have different colors on different arms of the galaxy and appear to change shape if the galaxy is zoomed in and out. They often appear reddish when close to the Galactic Core, likely due to all the Grox territories around it, causing everything to look red.


Nebulae are purely a background feature, and don't have a specific role in Spore's gameplay.



  • There are rumors about nebulae turning into early star systems.
  • Some nebulae have an appearance similar to real nebulae such as the Orion nebula and others.
  • During the GDC 2005 demonstration, Will Wright said nebulae could form when stars go Supernova. In the original demos, they could be visited, Will Wright stated they were like "Birds of the universe".


  • Colourful and reddish nebulae - Emission nebulae
  • Bluish, tealish or greenish nebulae - Reflection nebulae
  • Dark clouds - Dark nebulae and dust lanes seen in the galaxy view
  • Shells - Supernova remnants and planetary nebulae - they may contain pulsars and white dwarfs, which cannot be visited.
  • Proto-Planetary Disks - Young protostars
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