Natural Landmarks are featured on planets that are unique, such as craters, temples, or crashed UFOs. They first appear in the Creature Stage and stay there throughout the rest of the game. They are there to give the planet an identity and for decorations.

Ancient relicsEdit



An ancient temple with obelisks.

Temples can only be found on your homeworld. They are the remnants of a long lost civilization that was previously on your planet. They stand out from hills and mountains since they look similar to an Aztec temple. They also have rocks with symbols on them. They, like all other landmarks, first appear in the Creature Stage. They are just eye-candy for the game and have no value. The temples can be made in the adventure creator.

Obelisks Edit

Obelisks appear to be round, brown, stone Monoliths. They are sometimes found alongside temples, or alone. When alone, Obelisks will have a crop circle around them. The crop circle will have circles around small Obelisks, and lines connecting the circles to a big circle around a larger Obelisk. Some Obelisks have been found in trios, two small ones standing along a big one. Some others can be found in groups of five, usually surrounding temples.



A monolith.

A monolith, just like the ones you put down in space stage, but found on your home planet. Giant bones, temples, and other landmarks cannot uplift you to space stage. However, considering your creature is seemingly the only creature that is evolving and achieving sentience, the Monolith might be uplifting you after all. Monoliths can be placed in the adventure creator. This is a very clear reference to the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Crop Circles Edit

Occasionally crop circles can be found by the player in the creature, tribal and space stages.

Llama Heads Edit


Two Llama Heads found in the Tribal Stage.

Sometimes, one or more Llama Heads will appear on your home planet. They are massive in size, (roughly the size of an Epic creature) this is one of many references to the many appearances of llamas in both The Sims and Spore.

Crashed UFOsEdit

Crashed UFO

Creatures approaching a crashed UFO.

Crashed UFOs will appear on your homeworld in the creature stage after the "big crash" that makes other species flee, and are known to appear on only two planets. The first is your homeworld, and the second is a T-1 Planet, in a quest. In the Creature stage, they will be surrounded by fossils, which could probably be the remains of the captain and the passengers. They hold no significant value in the other stages, they are just eye-candy. Also, if the player listens carefully they can hear strange tones and an alien voice coming from the craft.

If by any chance it is a Grox ship, it will emit harmless purple smoke and may beep and then explode.



An asteroid.

Asteroids that have crashed onto a planet; they are just eye-candy for the game and do not have any value. At least one fossil is usually found in the crater made by the asteroid. Asteroids can be placed onto planets in the Adventure Creator.

Giant Bones Edit


The Hyper Epic.

These are giant bones left behind by a creature of massive proportion known as a Hyper Epic. Like Asteroids and Temples, they are just eye-candy. Hollow sounds of wind can be heard near these bones. It appears to be a llama, which is one of the many references to them across many Maxis games. There is usually a skeleton inside the massive bones, perhaps eaten by the creature while it was alive, which you can dig up for parts. Curiously, the creature was at least twice the maximum size of a common Epic creature. They can be placed in the Adventure Creator. In the space stage when you visit a new game save planet, the skeleton is on the planet even before cell stage, as if the creature was on your planet and died before your creature steps on land. The bones may be a reference to the large skeletal remains on Tatooine seen in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

Giant FootprintsEdit

Giant footprints are larger than those of Epics and can only appear on your home planet. They appear to be linked with the giant bones. Sometimes there are bones inside the footprints, maybe stepped on and crushed by the giant creature. They sometimes also come out of the sea, across the land, and back into the sea, as the owner seems too big to be troubled by the sea monster.

City RuinsEdit

Spore 2008-09-17 21-06-22

City Ruins.

City Ruins are the remnants of a lost civilization. Some of the crumbling buildings look Earth-like. You can find City Ruins on a spice-less planet you must visit during the space tutorial. The civilization was destroyed by the Grox, and only security drones remained on the planet.

Landforms Edit

These include valleys, craters, mountains, volcanoes, rivers, arches, caves, mushroom-shaped rocks, spice geysers, buttes, mesas, canyons and many more rock forms. All of these can be placed in the Adventure Creator.

Volcanoes Edit


A creature being lifted over a volcano.

Volcanoes are a rare rock formation which can be found in any Stage. During the creature stage, if you can climb to the top, they give you a boost in the air, sometimes even out of the atmosphere. If done without wings, your creature will be stuck in the updraft and slowly starve.

Adventure EditorEdit

In the Adventure Editor, volcanoes can be made. There is a Terraforming tool called Volcano, but it doesn't include the lava. Place a Lava Pit on top of the volcano to give it lava. Volcanoes without the Lava Pit on top of them look and behave like mountains in Adventures, so if you want a volcano-looking mountain, don't put the lava pit on top.

Spice geyser Edit

The Spice Geyser is a landform in Spore, and is otherwise known as a Spice node.

  • Creature Stage

Spice geysers give a huge boost of altitude to any creature that steps on it, and is useful for the Flight of the Bumblebee Achievement.

  • Civilization Stage

Your vehicles can create or capture a harvesting station on the geyser for increased Sporebucks income. Other nations can also make and capture harvesting stations. There are Spice geysers on land as well as in the water, where Sea Vehicles can create stations. When a nation is destroyed, the Spice Geysers owned by that nation become neutral, so that other nations can capture them.

  • Space Stage

Spice Trade is the main way to get money on this stage. Spice comes in red, yellow, blue, green, pink, purple and sometimes glitched in the form of White spice. Spice can be sold in trade routes and in trade menus with different space-faring empires, and pirates will try to steal your spice for their own uses. A colony cannot work without spice. Spice values regulate the economy for the whole galaxy. If the player steals Spice from other races, they will get a negative relationship boost.