Moonlit Stoneway

Moonlit Stoneway is a location in Spore Hero.


Moonlit Stoneway is a small cave similar to a cavern. There are five main parts: the hideout (where you battle Zarkhator and where Falar lives), the cliff (where Grub and his tribe and the Great Yeti live), the west basement (where the Tuber Tongues are), the east basement (where Fittzle and the bad neighbours live), and the attic (where Patman and Rittzle live).

Moonlit Stoneway has lots of "air vents".


Zarkhator vs Sporeling

A battle with Zarkhator in Moonlit Stoneway.

On the way to the Stoneway, you are ambushed by Zarkhator, who recalls your previous encounters on other planets. He then attacks you.

After defeating him, you continue going to the Stoneway. You are met by a singer called Grub, who requests a Moon Fruit. After giving him one, he lets you pass. The Yeti is trapped in a crystal and Grub requests you to find the other Singers. Two of them are trapped by Critters. When you defeat the Critters, they'll unsuccessfully go back to the nest (One is very weak, and needs a Moon Fruit; the second can't pass in the Tuber Tongue path. The last singer is trapped by bullies, and you'll have to defeat them. When all the singers are safe, they all start singing, and the crystal containing the Yeti cracks open.

After making him happy (by destroying red meteors and giving him a Moon Fruit) he gives you an Idol piece. When you bring it back to the Sage (in Ancient Grounds), he gives you wings (Antisoptera, or Fauxry Wings to be precise.)