An in-game image of Tetris, which the concept Molecular Stage was supposedly based on.

Molecular Stage is an unreleased and removed stage in Spore originally going to be in Spore, but was not implemented in the final game.

As announced to the public in DICE 2007, The Molecular Stage was supposed to be similar to Tetris. It would have come before the Cell Stage and would be used following the theory that electrical charges in ocean waters, along with the atmospheric conditions of early Earth, caused certain types of essential proteins for life to be created. These proteins are said to have then joined to create the first cells, therefore bringing the user to the Cell Stage. The player would have tried to fit these molecules together in a Tetris-like game to create their cell. It was created on February 4, 2004.

It has been proven that the images of the Molecular Stage were just concept sketches. The stage was probably removed because the designers preferred panspermia as the start of life on a young planet in Spore.