A modification (commonly referred to simply as a "Mod" for short) is a file or any set of files that will alter or modify the way Spore works or add or eliminate content. Spore handles mods as a Package (.package) files, in the same way to 'The Sims 2' and 'The Sims 3'. Many major mods seek to introduce massive changes to Spore, however, as new tools become available and changes continue to be made to the game, many of the major mods have become obsolete or have been otherwise crippled beyond usefulness.

This page documents many of the popular Spore modifications, both historic and current. Please note that many of these mods and tools are obsolete, broken and/or abandoned at this point, with few exceptions.


Several tools have been made since Spore's release that allow for the creation of custom Packages, which translates to user modifications. Among them, a handful stand out.


Note: This tool is no longer supported or in active development, it is not advised to us it.

SporeMaster was, in the very early days of Spore modding, the go-to tool for the job, combining the functions of a Package Packer-Unpacker, Text File Editor and Model Viewer. Unfortunately, the tool has been rendered obsolete, and is no longer supported by the modding community, being replaced instead by the magnitudes-more-advanced [SporeModderFX].

Key Features:

  • You can make your own modification in it.
  • Unpacking and packing of .package files, with automatic conversion of .prop files to and from .xml. files. xml is no longer necessary.
  • Packing of .rw4 (RenderWare 4) model and texture files (from OGRE3D XML format and DDS format respectively) with packages, making part creation possible for the first time.
  • XML property files are more user-friendly than in previous mod tools, using names instead of hashes where possible. XML files are order-independent.
  • Full text indexing of .xml and .locale files in the unpacked package, to permit very fast incremental search. Search for keywords separated by spaces or “literal phrases”.
  • Side-by-side comparison of file tree in Spore and the mod under development. One-click execution of WinMerge to see and edit changes in an individual file.
  • Built in syntax highlighting editor.
  • Image and model viewers.
  • Tools for guessing the original names for hashes and for creating human-readable aliases for hashes that can’t be guessed (or that were randomly generated by EA).

Another tool that can be used for XML file editing is Notepad++.

SporeModder: Classic


Spore ModAPI

Platinum Spore

Note: This mod is now broken and barely functional, it is not advised to install it.

Platinum Spore was a mod developed by the modder vexx32. It had a wide range of features and included many new space stage weapons and technology. Platinum Spore also incorporated many of BallLightning's BetterSpore Tools, as well as over a hundred other changes.

Major Feature s

  • In Cell stage Platinum Spore changes the normal cell editor into a 3D editor allowing for advanced modifications such as spine tweaking.
  • In Creature stage it adds and changes many features such as packs of rogues.
  • In Tribal Stage it adds features such as the amount of tribe members you can have and the number of spots available for tool sheds.
  • In Civilization Stage no major modifications are made just the names of the nations are changed.
  • In Space stage many new features and weapons are added such as the ion cannon.



Better Spore

Note: This mod is now broken and barely functional, it is not advised to install it.

BetterSpore is a usermade Expansion modification by BallLightning. Version 1.5.1 was released on March 13th 2009 and version 1.6 was going to be released after Spore Galactic Adventures, however development ceased before BetterSpore 1.6 was created.


50 parts which were already in the official game are added to the Creature Creator. 40 cell parts and 10 Grox parts. Originally there were 10 new custom parts coming but they were scrapped due to bugs.

Other Features

It also includes over 20 new space tools, an overhaul of the Creature and Space stages, changes to the Tribal and Civilization stage and a complete GUI (Graphics User Interface) change.


Note: This mod is now broken and barely functional, it is not advised to install it.

OrbitSpore is a mod that makes huge changes to the Spore interface, even more so than Platinum Spore. Currently, version 1.1 is the newest version and it is unlikely that 1.2 will be completed as it appears to have been scrapped. (Mod creators note: Orbit Spore 1.2 was released at some point.)


OrbitSpore adds all the parts from all the stages into the creature editor allowing Creature-machine hybrids to be created.

Other Features

OrbitSpore also adds a ton of new tools and weapons to the Space Stage.

Davo's Vocal Bot Mouths

Note: This mod is now broken and barely functional, it is not advised to install it.

Davo's Vocal Bot Mouths is a modification and a fan-made patch.

Normally, when you try to befriend a creature using the Dr. Pepper Bot Mouths, the game crashes because those parts do not have any social abilities. This mod fixes that by adding Sing to the parts.

This patch adds sing level 1 to the bot mouths. If you are going to share a creature with a bot mouth, and if the creature has no social parts (other then the patched bot mouth itself), it is recommended that you add a token social part to your creature before shearing it. In addition to fixing the aforementioned crashes, this should also fix another issue: some adventures (including Maxis made ones) will assume that your captain has at least sing level one, without sing you may not be able to complete those adventures.

While this patch will prevent your creature from crashing your copy of Spore, it will not prevent your creature from crashing other player's (un-patched) copies of Spore, the only way to prevent that is to add a social part to your creature.

Dark Injection

A mod created by a user named "Davo" that add parts from Darkspore into the creature creator, and aims to remove restrictions on editors. Creatures with the Darkspore parts cannot be shared, but they can be placed in adventures and viewed by others, though they will not appear in the Sporepedia. However, creatures with the Darkspore parts can be seen in-game when players are playing in any stage.

A new version of the mod is currently being developed by Spore Modder "Rob55Rod", who completely took over in development of the mod some time ago. The mod remains in public beta testing (as of 02/09/2019), and is continuously being upgraded, with the latest versions after 2.1.6 making use of the Spore ModAPI to incorporate many more functions, features and content. The mod is also what is called a "componentised" modification, meaning it has a single base mod and various addons that can be enabled or disabled at the user's discretion.

In the current version, players also can use all outfitter, captain, and even Grox parts. In addition to this, there are even silicon-like limbs that are not rendered in-game, making the creation of floating creatures, or creatures with invisible limbs much easier.

The mod also allows creatures to be edited in space stage via an addon called the Genetic Modifier, and removes greatly extends the complexity limit, but due to software limitations prevalent in Spore, cannot outright remove it.

The latest version of Dark Injection (2019_DI_9_r_Beta2-3-2) includes these features:

  • Plasma, Bio, Quantum, Cyber, and Necro-based limbs.
  • Heads, weapons, and body parts from the ingame characters, and ones that aren't used ingame at all.
  • Armor parts
  • Crogenitor masks.
  • Invisible limbs, feet and graspers
  • Parts unlockable in Creature Stage.
  • Parts from all stages, including normally inaccessible Cell Stage parts, Outfit parts and Captain parts.
  • Parts do not use DNA points, nor do they take up complexity in the creature or cell creator.
  • Special effects taken from the other Spore Editors (including effects from Captain parts, building parts, Adventure special effects, and vehicle effects.)
  • Additional part handles to some creature parts, most noticeably a specialised square handle originally only found on Captain parts that allows the part to be dragged along an axis.
  • Additional paint options, including DarkSpore and Cell Stage textures.
  • Grox parts.
  • Genetic modifier, which allows the creatures themselves to be edited in the tribal, civilization, and space stages.
  • Creatures have unlimited height.
  • Several different UIs, ranging from a vanilla/unmodded Spore layout with a DarkSpore-like appearance, to an outright ground-up reconstruction of DarkSpore's UI, the latter having features uniquely provided by the ModAPI.
  • Advanced Camera witht he ability to be moved up and down.

Latest Download available here: Dark Injection

Forgotten Spore

Note: This mod is now broken and barely functional, it is not advised to install it.

Cell Stage

  • More DNA for Eating
  • Quicker Cell Stage
  • Better AI
  • Cell Stage Spine

Cell Stage Ideas for Later Versions

  • Delete this Entire Stage and Create the impossible Water Stage

The Goal for this stage is to add Sea creatures and make this more like the water stage. Cell stage is the only stage that does not connect with the other stages and seems like its a side mini game.

Aquatic Stage

The only known development of the Aquatic Stage or editor is being done by the Forgotten Spore team. The Editor seems more loose, has more space and feels much better. To access the editor you can download the Mod and go to the normal creature editor. The Mod features the Creature Creator and the Early Creator mixed along with cell parts and a Brand New GUI. Link is currently in the Youtube Description. You can find out more about its development at

Spore Mod 2014 Aquatic Stage Editor v2

Spore Mod 2014 Aquatic Stage Editor v2

Creature Stage

  • Pick up Smaller Animals
  • New UI
  • Ally certain Epics
  • Bigger Planet
  • More Detail Planet
  • Creature Nest Increased
  • Better AI
  • Sea creature gone
  • Adjustments To Creature Attacks
  • More Creatures In creature stage
  • More DNA for Kills
  • 2 DNA for Eating meat
  • 2 DNA for eating Fruit
  • 30 DNA for eating Eggs
  • Camera Fix
  • All Core Spore Parts in Editor
  • Abilities Adjusted
  • Graphics Update
  • Weather Effects
  • Day/Night times
  • Increase Regeneration health
  • Health Recovery for resting
  • Ai Flying
  • Player Glide Increased Dramatic
  • Epics Travel in packs
  • Epics Health Decreased to 500
  • Ponds and Lakes
  • Map Fix

Creature Stage Ideas for Later Versions

  • Blood
  • Need More Ideas

Wild life animal survival and evolution is fasinating but when you tone it down making it Super kid friendly that kills the Experience.The goal for this stage is to make it less kid friendly and more realistic. Taking all ideas.

Tribal Stage

  • New Village Names
  • Place Tribal Buildings Anywhere
  • Food Start at 5
  • Baby Growth Faster
  • Buildings Health Increase
  • New Tribal Animations
  • Graphics Update
  • Real Tribes
  • More Tribe Members
  • Dificulty Adjusted
  • Tribal Tools Updated
  • Day/Night times

Tribal stage Ideas for later versions

  • Trading*
  • Wooden walls for advanced tribes

Once trading and tribal walls is set tribal stage will be complete but where still taking ideas...

Civilization Stage

  • Day/Night times
  • Prices Adjusted
  • Buy All Vehicle Types
  • Can buy more Vehicles

Civil Stage Ideas for Later Versions:

  • Need Ideas

Space Stage

  • Graphics Update
  • 200+ New Tools
    • Staff Of Grox
    • Staff Of Spode
    • Staff Of Gravity
  • All Tools Infinite
  • 5 million start
  • Can Use Any tool on Any Planet
  • Wild Life Planets Increased to 150 (Default is 30)
  • Genetic Modifier (Edit Creature)
  • Can Choose City Walls
  • Bigger Star Systems (1-21 planets)
  • Special Tech Tree added
  • Can Buy all Archetype Specials
  • 50+ added Buildings (Can be placed anywhere on any Planet)
  • Infinite Colonies (Upgraded now uses no ammo)
  • Bigger Planets
  • New Scrolls added
  • New rare Objects
  • Player Planets get Grox Voices (Will be taken out. I agree that 1 voice is too Limited)
  • Planets have huge fleets of ships on it instead of default 2-8
  • Smart AI adjusted
  • 20% less Empires in space (For real time Space)
  • Monolith any Planet
  • Infinite Trade Routes
  • Lots of new Spices, including space cocaine and pepper
  • Camera fix
  • UFO health increase
  • 10 Planet edit tools
  • A lot more Badges
  • New Starter Money
  • No Joker Badge
  • Pirate Raids decreased
  • War Raids decreased
  • Bio Problems decrease
  • Eco Problems decreased
  • Planet Sizes adjusted
  • Day/Night features on planets
  • Grox more of a threat near Core
  • Grox color change
  • Grox reinjusted to 1000 Systems (Default is 2400)
  • Grox Raids decreased
  • Grox own more Planets within their Systems
  • 20+ Corporations
    • Forgotten Spore Corporation

This is a small list of the spices that has been found in the Forgotten Spore modification:

  • Cocaine: Sells for at most 2,000$, and at least, 133$. The symbol is a normal spice sign, just turquoise colored. It is very rare, and found in Red Dwarf stars.
  • Pepper: The symbol is a normal spice sign, and jet black in color. It is somewhat common on cold planets.
  • Salt: The symbol is white, and is uncommon. It is found on hot planets.
  • Coriander: An orange spice, and is almost as common as red spice. It is found on planets that are in the green zone, and slightly less common on planets with cold or hot temperature.

Space Stage ideas for later Versions:

  • Earth Story
  • Gliese 582 story
  • Grob Story
  • More Weapons
  • More Planet decorations
  • More Planet edit tools
  • More End Game content
  • More Archetypes

Forgotten Spore V2 (Future)


  • Creature Editor: All Parts from All other Editors added to the creature Editor
  • Adventure Editor:Increased Complexity
  • All Editors: Graphics/UI Update
  • Cell Editor: Water stage Editor
  • UI Updated Black and Green
  • More Tools
  • 40+ Corperations


  • V1: This Mod is Not Compatible with Most Mods. It's Only Compatible with Creature Part Mods and Any Editor Mods. This Mod is made for Patch 1.04 and Higher.
  • V2: Not compatible with 95% of Mods Due to Size (95% percent of Spore was Modded/50 MB was added to Spore)

Fixed Spore Mod

A mod created by user named "GPStudio" on YouTube. This mod includes a lots of fixes for Creature Stage, Civilization Stage and Space Stage.

Fixes included in Creature Stage:

  • Added 0.2 DNA Point per Fruit
  • Decreased DNA Points per Egg from 25 to 20 **
  • Decreased Large DNA Points from 10 to 7 **
  • Decreased Medium DNA Points from 5 to 3 **
  • Decreased XL DNA Points from 20 to 15 **
  • Added 200 DNA Points required to reach Brain Lv.1 **
  • Added 400 DNA Points required to reach Brain Lv.2 **
  • Added 600 DNA Points required to reach Brain Lv.3 **
  • Added 800 DNA Points required to reach Brain Lv.4 **

** - This modification increase length of Creature Stage from min 30 min to max 2 h or more.

Fixes included in Civilization Stage:

  • Decreased required money for build Factory (from 1200$ to 900$)
  • Decreased required money for build House (from 1600$ to 1300$)
  • Decreased required money for build Entertainment (from 800$ to 650$)
  • Decreased required money for build Turret (from 2000$ to 1600$)
  • Increased Economy Turret damage from 15 to 18
  • Increased Military Turret damage from 25 to 30
  • Increased Religious Turret damage from 20 to 24

Fixes included in Space Stage:

  • Decreased required money for build Colony Entertainment (from 12800$ to 10000$)
  • Decreased required money for build Colony Factory (from 19200$ to 16500$)

Decreased required money for build Colony House (from 25000$ to 21000$)

  • Decreased required money for build Colony Turret (from 16000$ to 13000$)
  • Increased chance for drop money from Bomber (from 50% to 80%), Defender (from 40% to 60%)

   and Interceptor (from 20% to 40%)

  • Fixed Space Relationship (in Dyplomacy option)
  • Fixed Missions Rewards
  • Fixed Weapons Properties
  • Fixed Potions Properties
  • Fixed Tools Properties
  • Fixed Trading

Other fixes you can find into file Changelog Fixed Spore.txt in RAR.

Patch 1.07

Note: This mod is clearly broken and can break the mod Dark Injection, it is not advised to install it.

Another Note: If you wanna you can try to make a patched version of FS's Patch 1.07, however the scripts are ancient and it would take some hard work for it to be a mod that is patched. If you ever get the patched version of FS's Patch 1.07 mod completed, post the link here. (You could also post it in DavoOnline as a forum post)

Spore Patch 1.07 is a unofficial community made patch created by Forgotten Spore.

Cc0558 6452cba7900f4d2da1595be8c55e7498.png srz p 100 97 75 22 0.50 1.20 0.00 png srz

Users are reporting you cannot share these creatures by the official exchange due to a lock issue.  However it has been reported that you can still share them by posting the PNG file – just not to the official site. This may be fixed when EA releases the patch on their website and removes the lock code.

Spore Freedom Patch notes:


  • Show Anim Selecter
  • Recording time increased to 20 minutes
  • 20 Fps Recording speed
  • Toggle record Capture UI
  • YouTube stay LogIn
  • YouTube video upload enabled


  • Intense Space Stage
  • Planets is procedurally generated on game start [infinite possibilities]
  • Generate a new galaxy every time until you save.
  • Show avatar Damage
  • Choose your creature for cell stage
  • 2 New Adventures unlocked
  • Top 2014 Creations added to your sporepedia

Spore Freedom

  • Trade Route complexity eliminated
  • Editors no longer use the complexity meter
  • Cameras Updated [Zoom In and Out Further]
  • Expanded travel radius [Patch 7]
  • All levels unlocked at start
  • Drag and drop file into "in game editor"
  • All Editors will save, complexity or modded creatures
  • Mod Support [Option added]
  • Creature Keeper index added
  • Graphics enhancement
  • Updated to 2013 - Late 2014 Graphic cards
  • Uninstall patch easy

Spore Patch Bugs Fixed:

  • Big Babies: Very rarely, when a baby grows to adulthood, its eyes and feet will still be surprisingly large, 2x bigger than other adults not affected by this graphical glitch.
  • Submerged Huts: Very rarely, if you start a game at tribal stage, your hut will be submerged underwater, causing your tribe to be stuck and starved.
  • Submerged Nest: Rarely, your nest will start the creature stage in the middle of an ocean or other body of water. Because this doesn't usually happen, you can't eat anything and there are no other species to attack or socialize with. Even more rarely, you can't go on to land at all without being eaten by the Sea Monster.
  • Civilization Stage Crashes: Upon installing Patch 5 and GA, the game may crash when you try to start a game from Civilization stage.
  • Bugged Vehicle Editor: Sometimes if you immediately go to the Sporepedia after saving a vehicle, and then go back to the editor screen, the editor will look bizarre.
  • Glitches involving the new Spore Bot Parts.
  • Floating Legs: If you have a 3-jointed Bot Legs, you can raise the lowest joint of the leg, and the feet will be raised into the air as well. If you make the feet raise higher than the body, the body will sink into the ground.
  • Singless creature crashes game: If you use the robot mouths, they won't have a singing sound, if you try to socialize a creature with the singing tone, the game will crash.
  • Patch 5 Animation glitch.
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