A Mission Window

As the space stage is mainly a sandbox mode that the player can do almost anything they want in the Galaxy (except lose, destroy, or move your home planet), several missions can be completed. The player is given various missions to complete to earn Sporebucks. There are two main types of missions (with various sub types to each): Story missions and Sandbox Missions.

Story Missions[]

Spore has a few story missions. Note that the titles are unofficial and merely function as a summary to avoid confusion.

  • Mission One: Learn How To Pilot Your Spaceship

This mission can actually be skipped, but it should not if this is the player's first time playing the game. The player will still get the Captains Badge even if they skip it. Although it is only worth a single point, this is actually helpful for achieving the Commander badge. The mission is a tutorial, hence it is rather easy.

  • Fly through seven balls of light above your cities. The player will have to adjust their altitude in order to do so.
  • Abduct a marked creature, fly to one of your cities and beam it down gently.
  • Kill five sick creatures.
  • Mission Two: Leaving the Orbit

After obtaining the Captain badge, the player will be able to purchase the Interplanetary Drive and leave their planet (but not solar system). The player is asked to fly to a nearby planet (T1, no animals, no spice) and examine it for traces of alien life.

  • Find the crashed alien spaceship and scan it. The player will acquire the Mini Proton Missile and the Interstellar Drive 1, with a maximum range of 3 Parsec.
  • Leave the home system and fly to the only accessible planet (see Ruined Planet).
  • Scan the city ruins and defeat the security drones (or run), then return to the homeworld.
  • Mission Three: Colonization

Mission Control is pleased and the player is given the next mission: Colonize a certain T0 planet. You obtain a free Colony Incredi-Pak for this purpose.

  • Fly to the planet and drop the Colony Pak. (The mission will count even if you place the Colony on a different planet. Doing so will allow you to pick what spice that colony will mine, and the pre-selected planet will often have the spice your homeworld mines)
  • Mission Four: Not Alone

Now the player's spaceship is equipped with the SETI device, a tool that is able to detect alien empires. Blue signals around a star indicate that an alien race has occupied the system. The player is then told to find such a system, zoom in and make contact.

From now on, the player can freely choose their mission, depending on their interest. The following missions are the available ones:

  • Establish a Trade Route - Find a friendly (blue face) empire and offer them to establish a trade route, preferably with their homeworld. If there are no friendly empires around, the player will have to do a mission or two for a neutral one before you can establish a trade route.
  • Make an Alliance - The player must get a reputation of at least +70 in order to make an empire happy (green face). Then you can create an alliance with them.
  • Paint a Planet - The player is given three Planet Coloring Tools (Skies of Red, Purple Terra-Coloring and Deep Blue Sea). The player must use them on any planet, then return to the homeworld.
  • Find an Artifact - The player must find an artifact and take it to the homeworld. Afterwards, it must be sold to another empire.
  • Improve your Colony - The player is given an Atmosphere Generator, 10 plants of each size, 20 herbivores and 10 omnivores (or carnivores). The player must go to the colony they created earlier and place the Atmosphere Generator anywhere on the surface. Afterwards, the player must place one of each plant on the planet. Finally, beam down one of each animal. The player may want to do this mission as early as possible, because the colony will not produce any spice until it is terraformed and has factories.
  • Declare War - The player isn't allowed to do this mission until they come across an empire which Mission Control dislikes. The goal is to capture one of their planets. Of course, this inevitably leads to war, so you should be prepared. The Pulse and the Laser are recommended weapons. Zealots and Scientists may also consider using Fanatical Frenzy or Gravitation Wave, but be warned, both break the Galactic Code.  If the player waits too long to accept this task, such that all remaining races within SETI range of the homeworld are allies, they will be given an error about no empires being available to fight against.

Once you obtain certain badges, you will get three more missions:

  • Control three star systems - By now the player already controls at least two star systems. The player should buy another Colony Incredi-Pak and find a wild T1 (or T2 / T3) planet, so they can avoid having to buy any expensive Terraforming tools if the planet were T0. The player should then establish a colony there and return to the homeworld.
  • Control seven star systems - This is basically the same mission, although the player will have to spend at least 300,000 Sporebucks for the four Colony Incredi-Paks (unless they declare war on another empire and captures its planets, or buys planets which will cost more, though the player can get valuable planets this way).
  • Contact the Grox - After the player obtains the seventh Master Badge, they will be told to approach the Galactic Core and interact with the Grox. It is recommended the player turns off their Auto Blaster and does NOT bring any allied ships. If the player attacks a Grox Spaceship, they will most definitely declare war on you. It is extremely difficult to destroy this empire due to its large size. (see Badge Outta Heck).

Sandbox Missions[]

Other empires will also ask the player for favours. Completing such so-called 'Sandbox Missions' will earn you a relationship bonus as well as some money.

  • Abduct a non-sapient creature from Planet X.
  • Abduct a plant from Planet X.
  • Abduct a sapient creature from Planet X. If this creature is in Space Stage, its empire will like you a bit less (-10 or so). Rarely, 2 empires will ask you to do this to a particular empire planet at the same time.
  • Abduct one of every species from Planet X (usually T1 planets with wildlife).
  • Scan every species on Planet X and abduct a certain one afterwards.
  • Find a special artifact on Planet X. This artifact cannot be sold anywhere, but the respective empire will pay a lot of money for it. It's usually called 'Gnome', 'Chest' or something similar.
  • Find three artifacts on various planets, then take them to Planet X. These will also be 'Gnomes' or 'Chests'.
  • Conquer Planet X. This will usually result in a war, though the empire giving the mission gives out 300,000 Sporebucks for it.
  • Kill five marked creatures on Planet X.
  • Kill five marked citizens on Planet X. Global Mind Erase helps a lot with these missions, as it prevents the other citizens from panicking about the eradicated citizens.
  • Get a certain kind of Spice from Planet X. It doesn't actually have to be from that planet, but it must be the required color. You can run off to get that spice from one of your colonies or your allies, it saves you the trouble of having to steal spice from someone else if you really don't feel like stealing spice. You will get about 40,000 to 75,000 Sporebucks for this one, which is a high reward for a single piece of Spice.
  • Terraform Planet X. Rather straightforward, simply terraform the planet to T3 and fill out the ecosystem. Assuming you are terraforming a lot and come prepared to do it whenever you feel like it, this mission is a breeze. And well worth it, it can pay 1,200,000 Sporebucks (or 1,600,000 in the case of Ecologist Empires) and a bonus of spice if the planet is colonised. Easy money - plus, it helps towards both the Missionista and Terra-Wrangler badges.
  • Destroy a Grox planet. Sometimes if the player's colony is within the Grox empire, the player may get a mission, and under the mission window, its states "Destroy a Grox colony by order of the >player's species name< empire."


Adventures can sometimes be requested from empires, and with some missions, the player can beam down a posse of crewmates.

Distress Call Missions[]

Commonly you will get distress calls from your colonies or your ally's colonies. There are 3 types:

  • Eco-disasters. Sometimes on planets at T-Score 1-3 a certain species will be infected with a supervirus and you will have to kill infected specimens before the supervirus kills off that species and moves on to the other animals until there are no more left, at which point it will infect plants. This is called an Eco-Disaster. After the virus has killed of the plants, it will lower/raise the heat/atmosphere until the eco-system is down by 1 level. Once the virus has spread to the plants, the only way to stop the Eco-Disaster is to re-add plants and animals.
  • Attacks. An empire you are at war with will sometimes attempt to take over one of your colonies. The only way to stop this is to destroy the attacking ships. There are also pirate attacks, who will try to steal spice. There are even attacks by Grox Probes. If you try to communicate with the planet after the Grox's attack, they will say something about needing repair. You will not be able to bring up any other dialog options, but after a short while you can continue interacting with them.
  • Strikes. Sometimes workers will protest if their colony has a negative level of happiness, and you only need to place enough entertainment buildings so that the happiness level is 0-5.


During the E3 2006 demos of Spore, Will Wright briefly mentioned that once a player gains a space ship, they will have the option to take on missions. In the demo, Wright inadvertently destroyed a city on a moon he was visiting. After leaving the moon, he received a distress call from his home planet saying they were under attack and pleading for help. Missions will most likely fall into situations like this in which you have to defend your home planet or colonies from invaders. No other information on the missions of the game has been given at this time.

In another demo, he mentioned missions where you have to find the remnants of a long lost civilization, and when he did this mission, found some city ruins on a planet. This mission made it to the full game as Mission #2, mentioned on this page.