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Fires a missile that damages the area around the target for an energy cost.

- In game descriptions

The Missile Flinger is a captain accessory and weapon in the Captain Outfitter.


Most of its coloring is based on the Captain's coat color, with the tips of missiles inside the Flinger being the Captain's detail color and some other parts being the Captains base color. Upgrading it causes it to increase in width, which also changes the way the missiles are stored. At level 1, they are stored vertically, and the Flinger is small and thin. At level 2, they are larger and sit diagonally, and the Flinger is lightly wider. At level 3, the Flinger is very wide, and so are the missiles, which are now stored horizontally. The Flinger also takes a bit of time to charge up before launching, emitting a high-pitched noise before launching the missile in a large explosion.


The Missile Flinger is a handheld explosive Captain weapon which replaces the creature stage attack charge or the shaman's Mind Meld attack (as long as the Hypnomelder was equipped first, otherwise the opposite happens). The Missile Flinger is useful against Epic creatures, as they are stunned for a short while after being hit. However, this also attracts the attention of the attacked Epic if it was attacking something else. This weapon also allows a Captain to attack enemy spaceships, just like the Plasma Pulser. Also, the Missile Flinger and the Lightning Striker are the weapons that use the most energy, while the Bladed Knuckles use the least amount of energy.

Combat Edit

Stats Edit

The damage, energy usage, and cooldown times can be found in the instruction booklet of Spore Galactic Adventures, on page 4.

  • Level 1
    • Damage: 35
    • Energy Used: 150
    • Cooldown: 3 seconds
  • Level 2
    • Damage: 60
    • Energy Used: 180
    • Cooldown: 3.5 seconds
  • Level 3
    • Damage: 90
    • Energy Used: 220
    • Cooldown: 4.5 seconds

Attacks Edit

It fires a "Missile Attack", which is a small guided missile (the missile size increases with higher levels of Flinger), making the Missile Flinger similar to a handheld torpedo or Proton Missile launcher. The Missile Flinger is a ranged weapon which creates an explosive blast radius when it hits its target. As weapon level increases, so too does damage, energy usage, cooldown times, and the size of the blast radius. Unlike other missiles, the Missile Attack travels in a mostly straight line, only ever changing direction if its target does. The missiles seem to move faster than shots from the Plasma Pulser.

Hints Edit

  • This weapon is useful for adventures with multiple enemies, since a Level 3 Flinger's missile creates a large explosion capable of damaging multiple enemies in a group.
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