The migration icon, as seen in the History.

In Creature Stage, when the player has reached a certain point of evolution, their nest-mates will all leave the nest to find a new one, and it is the player's task to follow a migration route, indicated by a brown dirt path, to reach the newly inhabited nest. Along the way, the player will encounter predators, sometimes epics, along with many other creatures. The migration route usually isn't very long, although this depends on the size of the continent where the player's species lives. Once the player has reached the new nest, a cutscene will play, and the new nest will now belong to the player's species. There will also be many skeletons lying around the nest, which may suggest the previous species that inhabited it became extinct, or the original owners of the nest may had been attacked by your creatures.

It should also be noted that the player can also have their own species migrate, should they find the nest of another member of their species. Once the nest is clicked on, a message will be displayed asking whether you would like the nest to be your new nest.

Whenever you move to a new nest before your first migration, the creatures will usually move back to the old nest, for an unknown reason.

Tips & Tricks[]

  • Shortly after your creature hatches there should be one more member of your species left at your old nest (their parent). If you befriend them, you will have added protection on your journey to the new nest.
  • Whenever you migrate, there will almost always be an Alpha of your own species at your new nest. This detail can be exploited to "farm" alphas and put them in your pack.
  • The brown dirt path can often lead through or near to the nests of potentially dangerous creatures, so feel free to stray from the path and look for another route.
  • Throughout the stage, the player's species will migrate a total of two times.
  • Other creatures can also migrate, but unlike your species they will usually leave more than one creature at their old nest. This can be useful to the player as they will be able to steal eggs from the old nest without as many creatures attacking them.
  • If your final nest (once you migrate the second time) is not near the water, look for other nests that contain your species. These will be at the end of splits in the trail and there is often one that is near water, giving an advantage in both Tribal Stage and Civilization Stage.
  • Though it is not common, sometimes a pack of up to three creatures that are completely hostile with apparently no nest will appear on your migration route. As mentioned above, feel free to go around them. They are very easy to kill but they can get tough on hard. Although you can't ally with them, the siren song ability can make them able to befriend. Sadly it lasts for a near minute. If you choose to kill them you will get rewarded with 35 DNA and they will become extinct. They appear during the first migration.
  • Usually, when you visit your nest you won't see many of your species there. If you mate, once you hatch you might migrate. This is useful because you can see your 2nd migration path if you have done first migration, so before you mate you can kill harmful creatures on the path.
  • The pack of three creatures mentioned are the species that are instantly hostile when you go onto land. You just need to kill 3.


Although it's rare, sometimes one (or more) creatures will get inside a cocoon and evolve into a completely different species than yours, yet it will live in your nest and like your companion.

If you die while migrating, the game will stop working sometimes, because you don't have a nest to re-spawn at. But you re-spawn at your old nest.

Sometimes, when you begin the Creature Stage, your nest will appear in the water. It's annoying, because it's hard to evolve, especially on Hard difficulty. But you can easily attack higher health creatures when they visit your nest because they will not attack you but you can bite them. You're only able to gain new parts if the creatures that visit include at least one Alpha with them. Soon your creatures will migrate probably onto land clearing the glitch, so you can evolve. Another way to work around the glitch is with a mod to remove the Sea Monster so you could go on land. Evolve before you migrate onto land and the glitch clears.

Its also possible that your species will or had NEVER migrated. This can make sense if you have a lot of allies near that area thus, making it more safer and lower chance of migration.