aka The Hippunculus in the Flask aka Anomaly

  • I live in In the dark pit of my own imagination
  • My occupation is Sacraficing humans to make myself more powerful so I can spread chaos and disharmony across the Omniverse.
  • I am []
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  • As a quick rule of thumb, joining the Sporewiki Discord is definitely recommended!

    Secondly, welcome to tHe FU (when you decide to join)! My personal way of finding out what's been going on is through the archive and the current board of the Universal Discussion Board. All sorts of things can be found there!

    Currently, the big thing going on is the Second Great Cyrannus War - in essence, imagine how the Empire and the Rebellion's war should have gone. I recommend giving it a read!

    As for me, I'm setting my fictions up in Mirus through the Dynastic Systems of Sal'ir and the Manitja Illuminated Singularity, with one more faction in the works soon. Mirus has been very active as of late, and -again- I do recommend joining the Discord and saying hi to the Fictionverse, and people could guide you from there.

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