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  • Just curious, where is their territory in Cyrannus? I looked through the page, but could not find anywhere that said where this territory was.

    The reason that I am asking is that I created the Nivenian Empire (also in Cyrannus), and am looking to form commercial partnerships with other fictional empires. As such, the Jinaris Empire looked like a good candidate, as they both are in Cyrannus and the Jinaris Empire has a high population, they might want to import a lot of food, which is the Nivenian Empire's main export (well, that and pink spice).

    If possible, I would like for our empires to eventually become close partners, as they both have authoritarian regimes and open markets.

    Also, if the location in Cyrannus is not decided, 1000-10000 light-years from the Nivenian Empire would probably be best - close enough that trade would be easy, but far enough to not be in the way of expansion.

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  • Please stop making your fiction articles in the mainspace. All fiction articles must be named appropriately, with "Fiction:" before their names.

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