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  • Hey NatureMan97! I like this idea you have for the Council of Mystics and their investigation into the barriers weakening around Zachensa. I'm a sucker for magic and metaphysics!

    If you ever want to do some collaborative work on some stuff regarding essence, magic, or if you want to include any of my mystics/essence wielders in a story of some sort, give me a shout!

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    • Great idea. Yeah the fiction universe gets pretty expansive. I tend to do co-writing in the Mirus Galaxy and I'm the head writer in the Tyris Major Galaxy. In both galaxies, many characters have passing knowledge about other planes such as The Void, The Abyss, and Callambea to name a few.

      The Void and the Abyss are such planes that "leak" into and screw with the fabric of reality. This is a phenomenon that my character, Dr. Nu'Iva Shal talks about in her essay On the Abyss.

      TLDR for the links: Nu'Iva Shal is a famous magic doctor and says Void and Abyss are dangerous and wrote a paper on it.

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    • Well the Zachensa Sector is in the Milky Way as of now, but I can see a situation where Dr. Nu'lva Shal is in the Milky Way on separate business and sensed what's going on, since the barriers are charged with Essence. Both sides can sense what's going on because of that. It's up to you. I plan on writing out this story over the next week or two. If you want, we can iron out the details over that period of time.

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  • SporeWikiWelcome Wiki
    Welcome to SporeWiki! If you need help editing, check the editing article and the forums. If you have particular questions about Spore that you can't find in an article there, come down to our Spore discussion and we'll do what we can to get your answer. Alternatively, you could check out the SporeWiki IRC channel. Feel free to delete this message from your talk page if you like, or keep it for reference.

    Before you begin editing, please thoroughly read the ruleset. If you want to join the SporeWiki fiction universe, be sure to check out the the guidelines set by other uses, to help you know where to start.

    Again, welcome! ~~

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