aka Lucas Gabriel Zonta Ferreira

  • I live in Tijucas - Santa Catarina - Brazil - South America - Earth - Solar System
  • I was born on February 23
  • My occupation is Idk :(
  • I am I'm male
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  • Administrator/Bureaucrat here. I presume you are unaware of how things run on SporeWiki, given your hostile reaction to Disgustdorite and Dinoman972.

    First of all, administrators do not rule the wiki or give orders, they are just trusted users with a few extra buttons and a power to end disruptive arguments. SporeWiki is a community effort, it is expected that users have done their best to understand the policies and guidelines necessary for contribution. It is also expected that all users act on their own initiative, but must follow feedback from the community and are ready to politely give their own advice or even warnings to enforce policy.

    I think you have broken our guidelines by accident. Namely the editing of contents and categories of user's fiction without permission. This is discouraged to avoid edit warring. I suggest you read the rules, content guidelines and assume good faith in the future. Your aggressive responses to members of the community are not tolerated, and will be met with official warnings and potential blocks in the future.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • On this wiki, you are not supposed to edit other people's content or use/mention them without permission. This includes adding categories, especially since the one you have created is redundant--a category for such creatures already exists and it is up to the creator to add it or not. Please stop.

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  • SporeWikiWelcome Wiki
    Welcome to SporeWiki! If you need help editing, check the editing article and the forums. If you have particular questions about Spore that you can't find in an article there, come down to our Spore discussion and we'll do what we can to get your answer. Alternatively, you could check out the SporeWiki IRC channel. Feel free to delete this message from your talk page if you like, or keep it for reference.

    Before you begin editing, please thoroughly read the ruleset. If you want to join the SporeWiki fiction universe, be sure to check out the the guidelines set by other uses, to help you know where to start.

    Again, welcome! ~~

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