Megamouth is a Maxis-made cell found in the Cell Stage at Level 5 as a predator-sized cell. In normal and hard difficulties, it also appears in the end of Level 4 as an epic-sized cell.

Megamouth has five Hidden Cell jaws and is covered in 7 Spikes, having only small parts of its body that aren't protected due to its many mouths and spikes. However, it is easily countered by the Poison and Electric parts.

Megamouth also moves its mouths in a strange way when chasing the player's cell. When ecountered as an Epic Cell, when it eats a cell, four small bits of plant appear. The cell will not eat the buds, but herbivores can, thus attracting more prey to Megamouth. Sometimes, a glitch occurs when a Megamouth is biting a Maa. It makes tiny pieces go flying everywhere an it looks like the Megamouth is taking infinite bites out of the Maa.

It may be related to Jawhead and/or Chomper due to it's many eyes,many spikes,slow movement, name related to mouths, and large jaw(s)

If a Megamouth eats a epic Puffish that becomes a predator cell, it gets sick and vomits to death.

Abilities that can be harvested from this creatureEdit

  • Spike (although in easy and normal difficulty, you are unlikely to not have spike by the time you reach the Megamouth)


Megamouth make a "Gwah!" noise when attacked as a predator. Also, when hunting, it produces the same hissing sounds that Stabber produces; sounds that are vaguely similar to that of a crocodilian.

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