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The Mega Stam-Magnifier is a captain part in Spore Galactic Adventures. It is the 4th and final part unlocked in the ecologist row of parts.


The Mega Stam-Magnifier has a purple glowing ball in the center, with a little vegetation (leaves, roots, etc.) growing around it. There are two large horn-like growths protruding from either side of the purple ball. It appears that it could be the head of a talisman.


The Mega Stam-Magnifier is a tool which increases the captain's maximum/starting health by 200 points.



The Mega Stam-Magnifier increases health by 200 points. This does not stack with other Mega Stam-Magnifiers or Stam-Boosters.


The Mega Stam-Magnifier is very useful in combat situations, namely because it increases your health which allows you to last longer in battles. It also increases your chances of survival against your enemies. It allows the captain to take more hits and increases chances of survival against stronger foes, which is useful in combat adventures, such as Infestation. Its practicality is still questionable, especially in quests with little or no combat, or if the user already has armor, a lot of health, or health regeneration.


  • The "Stam" in Mega Stam-Magnifier could stand for Stamina.
  • The horns appear like the Handibles and handtennae mouths.


It has a strange resemblance to [1] on kirby.

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