Meepers are the second friendly species appearing in DS video game, Spore Creatures. They're found in Trunkle region of Tapti planet.

Story Edit

Once the player has discovered the Trunkle region, a cutscene will show an individual Meepers seen dancing alone peacefully between the bushes, until the spaceship is trying to abduct couple bushes around it. The Meepers was left confused to why the bushes have disappeared but finally realizes that the spaceship is flying above it and will likely abduct it. The Meepers was trying to flee and finally escapes from the spaceship's pursuit by getting into a tunnel, which leaves the spaceship accidentally crashing to the tunnel, damaging the ship, and leaving a pile of spaceship parts.

Afterwards, when the player was harmed from walking through the water, the Meepers breaks into the blocked tunnel to the Nest Island and then leaves after that. Later, the player approaches the Meepers, which caught its attention and worries about the player's health. Once the player regenerates their health by eating a fruit, the Meepers will go into a tunnel after it broke. Then, out of nowhere, the Meepers gives its part to the player for helping it and keeps staring on them for having this part that the Meepers gave them. Once the player has obtained the part of Meepers, attached on the creature's body, and met up with the Meepers, it has realized that they have separated by its friends, and the player must help the Meepers by reuniting.

The player must find three Meepers' friends to coax them to reunite. One is found to be standing, second was found patrolling next to the beach, and third, was found confronted by the Supupie. As the player has reunited the Meepers, the main Meepers convinced the player that there's one more Meepers left to find, and the player must investigate the Crash Site until the Blue Supupie appears next to the Crash Site, and the player must defeat them instantly. Once defeated, the Meepers was hiding in a cave from the Blue Supupie before the player has defeated the Blue Supupie. The player coaxes it to reunite, but refused it and doesn't pay attention to the player. The player has to pick the spaceship part to change the Meepers' mind and returns back to their friends, and ultimately, all Meepers are reunited together.


Meepers are small, round and avian creatures with a short tail at the back, and a few spikes coming from their back. They have large eyes with huge pupils. Their arms are large and bent backwards, and their legs are only slightly smaller with one claw at the back. Their whole body is red with yellow spots.


  • The Meepers is the mascot of Spore Creatures, as the Barbados is to Spore Galactic Adventures, reasonably for appearing somewhere on a box art in bright green coloration, the menu of the game, and the cheat, "All NPCs are Meepers".
  • There is an extended ending if you have played Spore Creatures two times on the same save file. It shows a spaceship beam. A Meeper finds it, gets beamed up by it, and the words "The End?" appear.
  • In Spore Hero Arena, Yeedo is confused about what creature the player's creature is, and exclaims, "What are you, a Meeper?" this suggests that Yeedo has visited, or is aware, of Tapti's existence.
  • They look like Starspecks but they have many differences and, like the Starspeck, they have the Heal Bio-power. Their enemy is the Supupie, who also resides in Trunkle. It is said in the Sporepedia that the Meepers view the Kimpoko as the guardians of the cave to Noodlin. This suggests that Meepers fear and respect the Kimpoko.
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