A Meat chunk is a cell stage food, often identified by a red, partially-eaten circle of meat. There are two large ways to obtain the Meat chunks:

1. Roadkill: Swim around until it pops in front of you. This gets rarer as you pass through size levels.

2. Carnivore: Swim around until a creature pops in front of you, kill it, and eat the chunks that pop out.

Meat chunks can be only eaten by the Jaws mouth. Herbivores and proboscis-using omnivores can only eat other things such as seaweed, green plant matter or green plant flakes. Omnivores may suck the life out of other creatures. Eating a lot of meat bits will give you the Carnivore trait, and eating a balanced diet of seaweed, green plant matter or green plant flakes and meat chunks, will give you the Omnivore trait.

When killing a creature using poison or electricity, it will simply roll over, belly-up, and no meat will pop up. However, physical damaging like impaling or biting will obtain several meat chunks. Prey-sized creatures are eaten in one bite, Peer-sized creatures drop mediocre amounts (1-3), and Predator/Epic creatures drop anywhere from one chunk to five.

Spore 2009-01-17 18-31-21

A cell looking at a small meat chunk.

Spore 2009-01-26 17-39-41

An user-created cell comes across the large carcass of a dead Ducky